Aids Research, CCR5 Gene (Delta32) ?!

andyfJune 2, 2006

I guess this is a question for the experts.

There is a new finding that a specific gene CCR5 when present in a person DNA, prevents the AIDS virus from entering the white blood cells. Findings so far show that anyone who carries the gene from both parents will not be infected by the virus, and those who carry the gene from one parent have a good chance fighting off the virus.

Here is a site, and a quote:

"Meanwhile, recent work with another disease strikingly similar to the plague, AIDS, suggests O'Brien was on the right track. HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, tricks the immune system in a similar manner as the plague bacterium, targeting and taking over white blood cells. Virologist Dr. Bill Paxton at the Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center in New York City noticed, "the center had no study of people who were exposed to HIV but who had remained negative." He began testing the blood of high-risk, HIV-negative individuals like Steve Crohn, exposing their blood to three thousand times the amount of HIV normally needed to infect a cell. Steve's blood never became infected. "We thought maybe we had infected the culture with bacteria or whatever," says Paxton. "So we went back to Steve. But it was the same result. We went back again and again. Same result." Paxton began studying Crohn's DNA, and concluded there was some sort of blocking mechanism preventing the virus from binding to his cells. Further research showed that that mechanism was delta 32."

I'm not an expert on genetics, and don't have a clue on how things work, but was wondering if they can duplicate the Delta 32 Gene and create artificial molecular genes so they can be accepted by any body for it's defense.?


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Yeah, it looks like Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies are already in a race to develop CCR5 inhibitors...

Here is a link that might be useful: CCR5 trial

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Read your article with interest. I took a delta32 test with a company called Delta32 gene testing labs (see They test for the exact things you mentioned in your article. I am reading as much information as I can on the subject and was excited to find a company that delivers the service now

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Testing FOR the gene is possible now.

The research for copying the action of the gene is under research.

The possibility of INSERTING the gene is being discussed, but Gene manipulaiton therapy is still in the extremely early stages.

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