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Lori_NoUtahNovember 29, 2004


I'm Lori from the Kitchen Table and I need some help.

A fellow is interested in hiring me to design, launch and maintain webpages and online catalogs for his heavy equipment company.

I would be working from home.

He's offered me an hourly rate but has said nothing (even though I've asked) about paying for the use of my equipment.

I already have the software necessary to do the job as well as top of the line scanner, digital camera and printer. I would also use my not-so-cheap photo software as well.

What do you fine folks think would be a fair price for my equipment?

I'm thinking $4.00 an hour.

Is this too much?

Not enough?

I don't want to gouge the guy but I don't want to be shortchanged either.

Any help, comments or suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!!



We're in a very rural area; it's over 100 miles to any large city. I don't know if this would have any bearing on what I could charge or not....

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Generally, a consultant just builds in the cost of their operating expenses (including office rent, travel to meetings with clients, utilities, software, equipment, taxes, etc.) into their base rate. Charge him whatever per hour for the work, but include the cost of your equipment into it; a separate charge is going to look like you are being cheap.

Since you are not buying new equipment or software, you can't expect to pay it off through this small contract. On the other hand, depending on how much a percentage of time the equipment may be devoted to income-producing work, you may be able to amortize some of the costs for tax purposes.

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Don't work hourly ... set up a flat fee per new page and a monthly retainer for maintenance of old pages, with large projects like launching a new prioduct line or a monthly newletter negotiated separately.

Equipment use is built into the charges, not extra.

It's like mechanics and "flat rate" repairs ... the speed of the mechanic doesn't mean the fast ones lose out.

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Subject - Cancellation of website tonight renewal , and all other orders purchased recently. Very dissatisfied. Craftylady_Ma.

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Flat rate if the job has a specific (in writing) scope, hourly if not. Your equipment is part of your hourly fee, not separate. Good equipment that you can use effectively makes you more valuable.

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