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Richard DukeNovember 17, 2001

I am using excel XP.

How do you add a value with in a singel cell. When I try say working with cell L12 and I want to add cell L11 plus add a new value to L12,how is this done. When I try Sum(L11+L12) and hit the check mark I get a error. I am trying to add weekly values to a running monthly value in a single cell. Thanks for any help. Richard

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=sum(L11;L12) for the range of L11 to L12
=sum(L11;L39) for the range of L11 to/and L39
(the '='-symbol helps excel to understand you want to do a calculation)

Or to simply add two cells:

When you type the '='-symbol, simply select the cells you wanna add and hit the enter-button.

This works for excel2000, but i dont think it will differ in XP.

Good luck,


P.S. Actually this is a question for the computer-help-forum and not the HTML-forum ;-)

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As to including your "new Value" Did you try?
=sum(L11:L12)*L6 (To multiply) or
=sum(L11:L12)/3 (To divide)
=sum(L11*4)+L12 Depending on where your new value plugs in.

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