Chicken Marbella sides?

ruthanna_gwMarch 21, 2014

I am in the mood for Chicken Marbella on Sunday. If you make it, what side dishes to you like to serve with it?

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Hi Ruthanna,
We're having that tomorrow! I love basmati rice so that lots of the yummy juices can flavour it, and roasted asparagus, or broccoli. Those are my usual sides.

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I thing this chicken dish would be good with coucous and a green vegetable, brussels sprouts, asparagus, broccoli or maybe sauteed spinach.

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I had to google it. Hard to believe the Silver Palate was out in 82? I did not even have a pot in '82...
(just a kid with a backpack all over Europe)

Anywho, i've never made that. But i do have chicken thighs in a marinade at the moment for tonight...put some veg in the braising pan, or on a sheet pan underneath to roast. I like to add some tiny cubed squash or sweet potato to the pan with the chicken. And some leeks or green onions and celery.
A mixed grain maybe. I have some baby thin asparagus i need to use up, so might just saute separate on the stove-top....

But thanks for bringing that dish up. I'll add some olives and meyer lemons to my braise!

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Circus Peanut

Light cream of broccoli soup for starter, crusty bread and fresh green salad with citrus with the chicken Marbella. (You don't want anything overpowering in flavor as a side, so that the richness of the chicken marinade can be appreciated.) Pot de creme au chocolat for dessert.

This menu works for us every time. :)

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We had basmati rice, crusty bread and caesar salad last nite.
Our friends loved it.

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Thanks for the ideas. I had decided on asparagus and orzo as sides but then I made a prune cake on Saturday for our evening treat for the next few days. I thought we might become overly pruned so postponed the Marbella for another time.

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I like rice dishes for Marbella, especially saffron rice. After all, Marbella is a place in Spain, and few things are more typically Spanish than saffron and rice. I agree with the couscous as well- always delicious. Has anyone tried Fregola di Sarda? It's very similar to couscous, but the size is larger than what you typically see in the US, and it's been toasted. The flavor is wonderfully nutty. Because the flavors in Marbella are so strong and assertive, I like to serve plain raw oysters as a starter, then the Marbella with starch and NO veg, followed by a green salad in a tart, citrusy dressing.

I love Chicken Marbella!!!

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The first time I ever had it was around 1982, when the cookbook came out. It was served with basmati rice and the rice was topped with ratatouille and shaved parmesan.

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