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PatsypieNovember 3, 2003

Now I have a little start on my web page. I'm ready for help and advice.

I used Netscape 7.0 for it's skeleton, and now I want to add some links and "stuff." Could someone walk me (step by step) through the process of adding links.



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Your website is looking good, Patsy!
What kind of links are you wanting to add?
You have done links to other webpages for Children, Siblings,Parents.

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Thanks MaryAnn,

Want to learn to add links to email addy and links to other pages on the web. I think I have to do them by hand.

I try to follow the directions on Web Monkey, but the links never activate.

Patsy's Mailbox

And see, it turns blue here...wonder why it doesn't work on my page? Has to be something to do with the way I'm saving and opening the page.

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Patsy, to make a link so others can send you an email:
Using Composer, add your text, such as Patsy's Mailbox , highlight it, click on links on the toolbar at the top of the page. In the box where you would normally put the web address for a website, type in Make sure there are no spaces. then click okay or apply. When you upload your page, the link will be live.
You have already added links to other pages. You have links to pages for Children, Siblings, Parents. Links to other website are done the same way you did these.

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Well, it worked. Thanks MaryAnn!!

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