Kidney Stones

zoewolfJune 11, 2007

A friend of mine developes kidney stones annually. Some large, some smaller.

Has anyone here ever had the "pleasure" of these incredibly painful stones? And if so, how long before you were o.k. again?

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My son has these quite offen, they do a number on your system and wears you down, do a search on this forun for kidney stones there are a few post, not alot you can do but try and get throu the pain till it passes , some people swear by the asparagus treatment, I plan on bringing this up to my son the next time he has one with that kind of pain you will try anything, drink plenty of water to flush out your kidneys and help the stone pass, check out what others have to say on the search , good luck to your friend if this is the frist boult there will probley be more, they also run in families.

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I have suffered from kidney stones for over 10 years now. I have passed around 100 stones(yes 100). I have also seen 5 different Urologist. They know nothing! They finally tell you this after they sqeeze as much $ out of you. Finally i did alot of research online and at the library. Their are several types of stone but the most common is calcium which makes up 85% of all stones. These are the non treatable ones. Yes they are genetic and no there is no cure. Taking magnesium everyday helps. I tend to get them less often. I went to my local health food and vitatmin store and found a herbal tea that works wonders. It is a product fromBlue Moon Herbal Products. The bag is labeled Hydrangea Root, Gravel Root,& Marshmallow Root. It has dissolved many stones for me and you can drink it to prevent them. The tea is aweful. My friends call it my swamp water. That is exactually what it looks, smells, & taste like. But drinking it is way better then passing a stone. When a stone passes it is worse then labor pains. At least with labor pains the pain will end in a few minutes. Kidney stones dont end till you get to a hospital and they give you strong drugs. I have had 2 stones surically removed. So i know mine are calcium. I also want to add that certain foods are bad and cause more stones. They say to stay away from salt and red meat. However i noticed that i passed alot when i eat alot of chocolate. Several years ago my DH gave me a year subscription to Ethal M chocolate. I passed alot of stones that year. I hope this information helps especially the tea. It has really helped me.

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I have had two kidney stones in the last two years. My stones were calcium oxalate and kidney stones run in my family.

My urologist said to drink at least 2-3 liters of water each day to keep the kidney's flushed out, make sure to get enough calcium from food (research seems to indicate this is more effective than supplements), and avoid high oxalate foods, i.e. chocolate, tea, rhubarb, strawberries, and a few others I can't think of right now.

I did a 48 hour urine collection. Yes, I had to collect ALL urine for the 48 hours and then send two samples to a lab for testing. The test tells you the concentrations of such things as uric acid, calcium excretion and many other things that can help in knowing how to avoid or prevent kidney stones.

Hope this helps!

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

I was hospitalized twice with stones, but passed them on my own - in the hospital. The pain never stops, and is just awful.

I read a book by Nancy Snyderman that said the stones form at night, and you should drink water before you go to bed at night, and more water when you get up to go to the bathroom. I do that. It may sound severe to those who have not suffered with the stones, but those of us who have felt the pain realize that it is no big deal. You can train you body easily.

My stones both came at a time that I was exercising heavily, and not drinking enough water. Even so, my doctor reduced my Calcium pills to 1,000. I am female by the way.

I am older now, and think that through the years when I had debilitating cramps, they were actually stones. Also my pain was in the front for most of the time.


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A friend of mine had them and her doctor told her to never, ever drink Dr. Pepper. My DH had lypotripsy twice and still did not get rid of his. Now he has 2.

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Kidney stones are really painful. You should have drink lots of water to get rid of this.

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Ya one of my friend suffer from this. But After Surgery he is ok now.

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