posting a picture with a Mac

mitchdesjNovember 21, 2002

I have been trying to post a picture in the forums or in a text using this formula: I am on Mac 9.2

I have pictures on different photo sites, with proper urls,

my technician couldn't do it either.

I can copy and paste the link with no problem, it just doesn't show the picture instantly on the message, only a box with an icon.

Can anyone help ??

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You have to put the entire web address of the pictures you are posting between the " " in the code.

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You didn't mention which image hosts you are using. Most don't allow direct linking which could be the reason for getting the red x. You used the correct command: . Quotation marks are optional.

Here is a link that might be useful: Online Photo Resource Guide

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I finally managed to do this. I screamed with joy when it worked,
If someone else has problems doing this with a Mac, I can help now..... The Mac mouse doesn't have a right and left click, so you have to press Control then click, to get an url in a different window than the original one, this was a small detail but I was stumped without knowing it.

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