Need Free EASY tutorial for ???

connie_txOctober 9, 2002

I really would like to learn how to make my own web site and also do special things for e-bay ads. Can anyone recommend a really easy place to learn and practice on?? I tried to use Pongo and it take ages to load after every practice and when i got to the part where they had a sample piece of pottery to practice on i could not understand all those codes and how and where to change them at. Would love to learn.

Thanks in advance to any suggestions for me and then what web host would be the best for a medium charge. Not a cheapie that doesn,t do justice.


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If you have Netscape on your computer then I would suggest using Netscape Composer. It is one of the easiest in my opinion. There are many online tutorials out there. I learned on it and have used it for many webpages plus my Ebay sale pages.

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Thanks Mary Ann,

I have internet explorer and Outlook Express. I am still in the 4th year learning stages ha ha. Where would i look for this and if i don't have it where do i get it?? Stupid question I know but if you never use anything or know what its for most of us don't mess with it. Or at least in my family.....Let me know and i will get started with it.

Thanks again, Connie

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You can download Netscape from, but I don't like their newer versions. I have version 4.7 andd think it's the best for composing webpages. You may be able to find that version on their website too.
I use Internet Explorer most of the time too, but keep Netscape for designing webpages.
I forgot to answer the second part of your question....I get 100 mb of free webspace from my ISP. I think most of them offer free webspace with their service.

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Thanks a bundle for the info, I am leving town till Tuesday evening, but when i get back i will try it and post back on it to you. Thanks so very much. I know i could really save the money if i did it myself. Besides we change our products quite often. We design, build and handpaint little girls furniture and sell it at shows. Right now we are in Canton, Texas every month and really need a site so those can order and pick up in the month of their choice.

Thanks again,


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You can make and test the "site" on your own computer, as long as the directory and file names match what you will be using on the web and you stick to plain HTML and JAVA applets. It gets tricky if you want to do server-side things like CGI and PHP.

Example: If you have a home page as ~fred just make a directory called website and make all the subdirectories you willuse.


As long as you keep the links RELATIVE (/images/picture.jpg and not C:\\website\images\picture.jpg) you can test the links and debug the site structure. Then up-load.

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For a text HTML editor I've used that compliments Netscape nicely, try Arachnophilia. Its careware - essentially freeware, but when you register it you promise to be nice to people.

For beyond the basics web help, webmonkey is my favorite resource, and it provides a lot of code you can lift and tweak for your own use.

For your needs, a UNIX hosting package for about $99 a year and a collection of pre-configured scripts should be enough for you for quite a while.

Here is a link that might be useful: Webmonkey

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