Medical College of Richmond

newmobileownerJune 1, 2006

My doctor says I could apply to the medical college of richmond and see if they will take care of my ear infection because I have no insurance. Has anyone done this?

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Aren't there any sliding scale fee clinics there? I would think a medical school would have a good clinic though, certainly worth a shot!

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I think you would have to be seen as a teaching case. That is, the medical students under the guidance of a doctor would be doing the exam, testing, care, etc.

My opinion is that most doctors will work with a patient with no insurance to pay on a monthly basis. Have you told him that you can pay______dollars per month?

If you really can't pay anything, then maybe you should see about getting State Aid (Medicaid) for all your future health problems. You don't know when you will be in a position when you might need a lot of expensive care.

Just remember that doctors are used to hearing, "I can't afford to pay, I don't have any insurance." and then knows that same patient has a zillion credit cards and a brand new car. I'm NOT saying that you fit in that group, but doctors are faced with dead beat patients everyday and unfortunately, have started thinking of all of them in the same way.

Figure out how much you can pay each month and go see another doctor. Perhaps a new viewpoint in what may be your problem would be helpful.

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