help! burning on top of feet

booklover_tchrJune 10, 2009

The pain is excruciating! Dr. wants me to put orthotic implants in my shoes, but didn't suggest a remedy for the pain right now. The pain is keeping me from doing just normal, everyday activites and it's driving me nuts. Any suggestions out there? TIA! Booklover

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Actually, orthotics can be a remedy for the burning pain in your feet, depending on the cause.

What kind of doctor did you see?

Did you get a diagnosis?

If you didn't get a diagnosis, you really need to find a doctor that can determine the cause of the burning in your feet.

Burning that you describe can have many causes.

Have you been checked for diabetes? Circulation problems in your legs?

Do you have any pain or numbness elsewhere in your legs, feet, lower spine?

Do your feet feel better with your shoes off?


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I get burning on top of my feet when I wear lace up shoes with some anklets. Sometimes it lasts for a couple of days afterwards. Not all socks do this so I avoid heavy or very thin ones and try not to lace up my shoes or sneakers too tightly. You do need a diagnosis. I don't think orthotics would solve problems on top of your feet. Go to a podiatrist who won't try to sell you something.

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