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xelliexOctober 17, 2006

On the 17th February 2006 my friend Jenna passed away...she was only 16 and had her entire life ahead of her. She was so unbelievably talented and beautiful, her artwork was amazing, she shone in every subject, she could beat anyone at any sport imaginable. She was always ready with a smile and a few comforting words when I needed her, I miss her so much! None of my other friends really want to talk about her anymore, I think it's hard for them if they keep thinking about it...I like thinking about her though, keeping her memory alive, and remembering every single laugh we had.

Jenna wherever you are, I love you and miss you more than anything, I;d do anything to get you back, but that warm feeling you give me when I'm crying always comforts me, I know you're with me....love you always xxxxx

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I'm so sorry you lost your friend. You are smart to keep her memory alive in your heart. She was a wonderful young woman. Have you ever called her family to say hello? It might comfort you to stay in touch with her family. If you cry or they cry, it's ok. They might like to know you are thinking of her and still miss her.

What a terrible loss. I know you'll never forget your dear Jenna.

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