Anyone know of a Canadian website where drugs are cheaper?

chery2June 11, 2008

ANTHEM just informed me that PROVIGIL was being "removed from the formulary" and would now cost me $516 per prescription [formerly $30]. According to the doctor, there IS NO substitute for Provigil. I came across some hospital information that said Provigil's generic was Modafinil. When I called the pharmacist, she said, "All drugs have generics -- but that doesn't mean they'll be marketed." When I asked why a drug company would NOT market a generic, she told me that her "best guess" would be that the company still held the patent on the drug.

My BIL buys outrageously expensive meds through a Canadian website. I havent' been able to find one that carries Provigil or Modafinil. Can anyone help?


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I'm in the exact same boat. I've found a good price at Valuepharmaceuticals but am leery of purchasing something like this over the internet. I'm trying to research the name at the moment. I may just take the plunge and go ahead and order some. 90 100 mg tablets are 90 bucks. It costs me almost 90 bucks to get 7 200 mg tablets that I break in half. The price of this is outrageous. I read somewhere that the patent on modafinil has expired but the manufacturer has paid large sums of money to other manufacturers to keep them from producing it until 2012.
If I can get a diagnosis of apnea my insurance will cover it, so I'm hoping that a sleep study will help me out.
Also, in Canada Provigil is called Alertec, if that helps.

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Heather, thanks so much for your reply. Knowing that
in Canada Provigil is called Alertec should help a lot. Good luck with your diagnosis!

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Be careful when buying prescription drugs over the internet. They had a segment on this on TV not long ago, Americans buying Canadian drugs. A lot of times, the "pills" don't contain the medication that you're looking to get. So, in fact, you're getting ripped off!

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Basically it is because they are not dealing with Canadian companies. They seem to be from Canada but are from a 3rd world company.
Many people here used to get their drugs from Canada, but went to a Dr. there first. Much cheaper, but now with all the drug plans have stopped going as much. As to your drug they won't cover find out why in writing, not talk to someone on the phone and contact the drug company direct. Blue Cross is going thru some big adjustments and I have had discussions with the Drug part several time and I refuse to back down. It is my understanding if there is a generic, the insurance company must offer it with the Dr's permission.

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I've researched meds on the internet but have yet to purchase anything because of all the spam I got when I sent an inquiry to one place. After reading the following article, I might consider giving it a try.

ABC news-June 20th: "Save Thousands On Your Health Care". A lot of good advice as well as links to sites where one can buy less expensive drugs from reputable pharmacies in Canada, the U.S. and other countries.

Check out the related articles at the end of this article that talk about generic meds. Very good info about the differences between generics vs brand.

"Are Generic Drugs Safe" and
"The Truth Behind Generic Drugs"
A link that might be useful:

Save Thousands On Your Health Care

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