apple cider vinegar anyone?

vieja_gwJune 5, 2013

A friend gave me a bottle of 'Bragg' organic raw-unfiltered apple cider vinegar (unpasteurized/not refrigerated) to take for the osteoarthritis in my hands. I take a tablespoon with each meal & after a month I can't seem to notice any difference & was wondering if anyone else has tried this with success? Xrays show in my fingers that the bones are rubbing on each other with no padding left between ... SO painful! Dr. suggested fusing the bones but then I couldn't bend my fingers I'd think ... & it is my right hand & I am right-handed!

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I have tried a few home remedies, none worked. My 3 sisters are health nuts, always looking for natural things. My Mom had trouble with swelling in her legs and ankles, which leads to congestive heart failure. My sisters were telling her to drink a quart of water an hour when she worked in the heat. They also told her to put vinegar in her drinking water. When I question the doctor about those issues he was a little unhappy to say the least. He told her, "I am giving you lasics (sp) to get rid of the water and you are replacing it. The vinegar makes you retain fluids. Drink only when you are thirsty." Of course she told me I was a tattle tale. LOL When she stopped doing those things and her legs went back to normal and she lived to 97 years of age.

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For me, I did an elimination diet and take supplements. I got off of my medications granted my arthritis isn't osteo though. Gluten, dairy, soy, oranges and nightshades are no for me and this keeps all my inflammation at bay when I keep away from them. Two years medication free and no markers of inflammation in my bloodwork. It worked for me granted it wasn't fun to figure out all my triggers. Also, my fingers knuckles aren't as huge and my fingers even straightened out a bit.

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