Lymes Alternative?

joyce58June 16, 2007

My friend sent me this info about a really "different " point of view on Lymes. I would like to hear from health care professionals if you think this is "fact or crap".


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Hey Joyce.....were you going to post the info?

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Sorry folks...I seem to have forgotten to post the info!

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Hi Joyce,
First I have to say this. There were several years awhile back, when I thought I had Lyme disease, instead of fibromyalgia. I spent alot of time on a very popular Lyme forum. I've had several different kinds of Lyme tests at a reputable lab and they were all negative, so I chose to believe I didn't have Lyme. But many of the people on the Lyme site scared me. It was almost a cult. They didn't want to hear anything about anything, if it wasn't part of their "theories" on Lyme.
It seemed to be a place that attracted all sorts of people with different, undiagnosable problems. Some of these people were doing really scary things to themselves, or seeing "LLMD"s who were doing really scary, totally unscientific things to them.
I had a friend who went to one, and he had her on antibiotics for about 2 years. He was about to put her on thyroid replacement, when she finally realized he was bogus.
Because there is so much disagreement about what is reasonable treatment and what isn't, and what is a reliable test and what isn't, there are huge differences in what some "doctors" are using to treat Lyme. Conventional docs say that 2 weeks of Doxy should be enough.......whereas LLMDs say that you might need them for years....along with massive doses of things like vitamins.
Its a very difficult disease to have for that very reason. I finally quit being on that Lyme forum, because alot of the people were just a bit crazy about it.
There are all sorts of theories out there, about how the spirochete can hide and morph all over the place to keep from being found in the body. There are Lyme "specialists" who advocate all sorts of stuff......but alot of this stuff just doesn't have good scientific backing.
But people who feel really sick all the time, and can't figure out why, seem to be extra vulnerable and want to believe they have Lyme disease because it puts a face on their illness. answer your question, I think the link you put up is just another bogus treatment.
I'm thinking that much salt (and alot less) could even kill some people. And the body can't absorb more than about 500-1000mg of C at a time.
The site doesn't give any research data on it, or even the name of the group who is advocating this. I would be extremely skeptical of this treatment. I would NEVER consume that much salt. I really feel it could hurt you.
I realize that conventional medicine isn't always open to new ideas, and its entirely possible that someone will come up with a treatment that sounds weird, but that actually works........but this salt/vitamin C thing just doesn't sound good at all.
Do you have Lyme?

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