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isabelbcOctober 2, 2002

Hi- I am taking an on-line course in this program, and part of it involves creating a website. so far so good, have done that, hyperlinks work etc, but I can't upload it to my server in the proper place- I get an url which is the proper one, plus the filename twice more! shaw's techies are useless- "Ma'am, if you aren't writing your own HTML of course you won't understand." being a typical reply. Does anyone make websites using MS Pub? It saves a .pub file with every 'save a website' file- how do I only upload the web files, not the .pub too? I feel incredibly stupid-

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I'm sorry no one has been able to help with your problem. I use Netscape Composer to design my webpages, but cannot upload to my server by using the "publish" option in Composer. I had to download a different program, WS FTP, which was the program that my server suggested. Maybe that is what you will have to do with M. Publisher.

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i used to use mspub way back when , to make business cards , forms , and the like be honest , i had thought it was a thing of the past....i tried making a web page on it came out HUGE....i later found out that
it likes to use GIF files instead of jpg.....and churns out miles of redundant code..... maybe the version you are referring to has improved in those areas... when i tried to upload on it , they wanted me to purchase webspace in thier special location........i would suggest bugging the people supplying the course for help..... changes are you can email your page to them as an attachment.....

writing your own html isnt very hard ... and there are many
WhatYouSeeIsWhatYouGet html editors that blows the doors of publishers .... most of them are free.....

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Since Publisher is *intended* for uses heavier on block graphics and line art that photographs, favoring GIF formats is a good thing. JPEGs are only a good choice for color photographs.

I had a client give me a publisher file as a source document when desigining his web page. Of what I recall, it actually made decently clean code, but didn't link itself together well - you couldn't go from side on to side two of the fold out brochure, and it got the column order confused.

However, I was able to copy and paste the code into new documents without the usual problem of all the M$ XML garbage that Word likes to include. After getting that pasted into the right places, linking the files was simple.

The truth is, a web page has a differnet structure than most of what Publisher is geared for, so it wouldn't have been able to figure out the right arrangement anyway. Export the HTML, then use Composer or another non-MS Freebie editor to look at every HTML document it churns out, and copy and paste the text into new files you create in a differnet directory tree, and link those together as you need to (and move copies of teh graphics files to the new directory to link in from the new pages. I didn't notice an easy way to "save" the generated HTML files, they were too scrambled.

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