Speeding ticket

d0ugJune 14, 2014

Cancer would be like a speeding ticket you can cut it up or burn it or get a lawyer to fight it. Even if you win it solves nothing.
The ticket is not the problem it is a result of the problem.
If you keep going the same thing you will get another.
Only a change in your behaviour [life style] will fix the cause [slow down]

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Yes,..and eat right.

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And....it works. The fear is the worst
Never hear anyone claim they might have good health. I blame too much media. The stuff they sell is an open window to disease once you buy the junk. Drinks, donuts, etc.
Do an experiment for a couple months. Just organic. Grass finished meats. Cage free humanely treated poultry. No diet anything. Use organic stevia with no fillers if you must or raw honey. Apple cider vinegar. Organic teas & coffee. If you must have processed...make it as organic and gluten free as possible. Real nutrition doesn't muck up DNA.
Clean filtered water. Coconut oil that is organic raw and unrefined. Organic olive oil. GMO is big money. Those telling people to eat pure teal foods are not the ones putting harmful ingress into this junk while making billions. We are the test subjects. Don't believe there is someone protecting you. Do the research. Why would pure clean foods do harm? How long did it take that sandwich place to remove the poisons? How many of their sub's did your family eat? Unknowing....that is just one example.

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