Qs about nicotine withdrawals

LibbyLizJune 12, 2007

Does anyone know if dizziness & shakiness are part of nicotine withdrawals?

What about being able to smell the ashtray at different times of the day without warning & when trying to go to bed?

NOTE: There are no more ashtrays & where they were was outside on the ground/first floor & bedrooms are on the 2nd floor. No smoking ever occurred inside. Doors to the outside smoking areas were always closed during & after smoking occurred until the smell went away & wouldn't drift back indoors. Rooms have been sprayed with deodorizer like Oust & Febreze just in case. Clothes have been washed. Skin & hair don't smell of such since a shower was taken last night & this morning.

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WOW, I came in here to see if there was anything about quitting smoking and yours was the top post! LOL must have been meant to be. Dizziness and shakiness are definatly part of the withdrawals, so is not being able to focus. A business partner of mine just spent $5,000.00 on a stop smoking retreat. Dr John Hodgkin is the director. He says to use nicotine replacement therapy. He also says you should use as much as you need to feel better. I am 3 days into not smoking. I have been using 1&1/2 of the 21mg patches, been chewing the 4 mg gum and have the 4mg lozenges. I can tell if my nicotine levels drop to low, the cravings get worse and the symptoms you talked about happen. If you are eating properly, breakfast, lunch and dinner, at reasonable times, you will know if you are getting too much nicotine because it will make you feel sick to your stomache. If you are not eating enough it will make you feel sick all day. The nicotine is not the dangerous part of smoking and is much easier to ween off of once cigaretts are no longer a habbit. Yes your sence of smell and taste will become stronger as you go. I just hope I do not become one of those non smoking fanatics that has to preach to everyone why they must qiut. I really hated those kind. LOL. here is a good website smokefreelife.com
Good Luck!

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Drink plenty of water and other fluids. It will help rid your system of the nicotine. Lemonade and Orange juice provide both liquid and vitamin C which seems to help with lessening the withdrawal symtoms.

Good Luck!!

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I forgot one important thing SEE YOUR DOCTOR to be sure you are in good health before taking ANY KIND ok this medication.

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I'm sorry, I forgot to say I'm already on two medications. I've been in depression since May & finally sought help for it on the 4th.

I was given Wellbutrin SR 150 mg to take for 3 days in the morning & if I handled it well to increase that by 150 mg in the evening. I did & I think on Fri I freaked out feeling out of control with shaking & sobbing. It was off & on like this throughout the weekend. I really didn't "relax" until sometime on the 11th. All weekends are bad anyhow, but this one was horrendous. I honestly thought I needed to get myself to an ER for psych admission.

I didn't know if it was the medication, the usual depression, or a panic/anxiety attic, or slowly quitting the smokes until there were none (the 12th) or if it was a mixture of the noted.

The slight shaky hands & dizziness is still with me, but not the severe anxiety or panic. On occasion still I want to cry.

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