Joan Didion's new book

alisandeOctober 17, 2005

The Year of Magical Thinking is getting a lot of press, and it's been nominated for a National Book Award. I read an exerpt and was deeply affected by it. The book is Didion's memoir of the year following her husband's sudden cardiac death, which in turn followed their only daughter's coma from infection. In the book, Didion writes of her daughter's recovery, but after she finished the book her daughter died. So tragic. But the book might be worth reading for some. It's all about grief.

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I've read the book...just finished it last night.

The book is a tad redundant in places, as she uses large amounts of passages from other books she and her husband have written. She also uses the same quotes again and again throughout the book.

She has mega, MEGA connections in showbiz and in the news media biz. Her husband was VERY well known in the industry. And she has an excellent publicist. These may be reasons she's getting a ton of press.

It's a good book to try to get a feeling about her personal grief over the death of her husband and she brings up so many good points about the grief process and how the mourning part begins. She also has very good explanations defining the difference between grief and mourning.

Thsi book would make a lot of sense to people who are married or who have experienced the death of a spouse. It's a quick read too. I read it in a weekend.

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My healthy, handsome, very youthful middle-aged Lance Armstrong type husband died suddenly of a massive aneurism this January--on our wedding anniversary.... I've been trying to make sense of an incomprehensible loss; to my mind, Didion captures the irrationality and emotional devastation of grief better than any of the official loss-and-mourning primers that I came across. I also appreciated her lack of sentiment, while at the same time she captured the intensity of the tidal waves of grief and loss that sweep over you so strongly with devastating accuracy. I found it a true book.... I think we are all a bit crazy after an experience like this. I know I am struggling to find meaning in my life again.

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