Some words about grief

mary_in_flaOctober 2, 2007

I thought I would share something that I wrote a few years ago for a friend who had just suffered an unexpected loss of a loved one. It's about accepting and embracing grief, and the healing power of the simple passage of time. These are things I've learned from my own experience, but maybe this can help someone else out there who can't imagine that they will ever feel better again.

The Stone

by Mary McDonald

The stone of grief is heavy,

but carry it, you will.

It makes each breath a trial,

the level ground, a hill.

It casts its shadow on your day

and lies too near at night.

You fear its depth may break you;

its breadth may block all light.

But as you walk beneath this weight

and ache to find your stride,

you will not see the work begun

by sun and wind and tide.

Silently, together,

they will take each step with you

as they slowly shear the layers,

as they free the next, the new.

When at last their task is done,

alone theyÂll let you stand.

TheyÂll leave a gift of love and time Â

a pebble in your hand.

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