i belong here but wish i wasn't

DarrylsMomOctober 10, 2004

Hi i'm new and i know i'm going to need this place.My only son was found dead 2 weeks ago and i'm still in a fog.I can't seem to consintrate on any thing. He was recently separated and had 2 beautiful boys. We took him home to be buried and i still can't believe this is happen to us. He was 34 and we are still waiting for cause of death. We had such a loving reltionship why does this happen? Why do we have to bury our children it's not fair thanks for listening i don't know where i'm at in this stage.

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My heart aches for you. There are others here who have lost their dear children, so I know you well hear from them.

Take care.

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Nell Jean

We wish you didn't have to be here, too but we're glad you sought us out. There are no pat answers to the questions that all of us who lose a child ask. I'd say you are still in the stage of shock and disbelief. I wish there were some comforting words that would make things easier or better. In time, things will be different than they are now. Please be comforted that we who are here do care and would like to hear about your son -- not how and where he died -- but about the things that made him so dear to you, about the life he lived as your son and how much you loved him.

I'm linking to a thread from a couple of months ago which has a link to yet another thread where we've talked about losing a child. There are several of us here who lost an adult child. It's the worst thing we ever had to face, but we're all here to help and to prop each other up.


Here is a link that might be useful: Link to words of encouragement

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I'm so sorry about the loss of your son. I too, have lost a child and I know the disbelief that you are going through now. You will feel this way probably for a long time until your body is able to absorb the reality of what has happened. Your body can only take so much and has a strong defense mechanism. Reality will likely creep in gradually. I hope for your sake that it does.
Please stick around here and let us help you. You are not alone.

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Hi DarrylsMom,
I too, am sorry that you have to be here. I am sorry about the loss of your precious son. No words can ever make it all go away, but we'll try and give you what we can. I lost my only son 18 yrs. ago (an infant), so I can understand some, like others here, of what you're going through. Don't ever feel like you're alone. We are here for you, we are your "virtual" shoulders to lean, cry on. Parents are not supposed to bury their children, it's just wrong.
I hope we can help you get through the rough days...hugs to you and yours.
Emma in PA

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I'm among those that are sorry you have to be here. Thougths are with you.


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I'm very sorry for the loss of your son..I don't really know what I can say for words of comfort. My son just recently passed away as well. I will pray for you & hope you find the strength to get through each day. All you can do is take it one day at a time & I believe it will get easier.


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I am so very sorry for your loss. How devasting this is for you and his children. Losing him is hard, but not knowing why makes this so much more difficult. Assume they are doing an autopsy for cause? I am sending prayers and thoughts to you for comfort. I am so glad you are here in this forum. Everyone here has suffered losses and you will find comfort here.


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