foot neuropathy

NinapearlJune 5, 2011

has anybody else ever dealt with this miserable condition? all the signs point to it with my feet. my recent back surgery was greatly successful but my feet are so painful, i am having a hard time getting around.

i am pretty sure this doesn't have anything to do with my previous back problems, nor did my ortho surgeon. he has referred me to an ortho foot/ankle specialist but i can't get in to see him until the 28th.

obviously, this is more or less a self diagnosis but from what i have been reading, i have all or most of the symptoms.

to quote my late husband, God rest his soul, "gettin' old ain't for sissies!"

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I have a friend who does suffer from it. She has kidney problems and the doctors say it stems from that. She has lost her sense of balance and is unsteady. She has tried
PT and I think it helped a little while she went but she was unable to do the excerises at home that they gave her to do. She swims now but I'm not sure if that helps with the neuropathy or not.

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I have foot neuropathy and I haven't found anything yet that helps. I also have it on the outside of me knees.

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well, i saw the ortho foot/ankle specialist yesterday. after several x-rays and an exam, plus reading the report from the nerve function tests i had immediately prior to my recent back surgery, he said he was 99% sure it was not neuropathy, after all.

i have an appointment next week to have molds done for custom orthotics. dr. seems to think this will go a very long way in helping with this pain. he said my feet or so misshapen that he attributes most/all of my pain to that.

hopefully, the orthotics will do the trick!

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Have you been tested for a B12 deficiency? The routine blood work doesn't include it. It's one of those things that don't often happen, but it can cause pain in the feet and sometimes the hand.

If you are taking any sort of acid-reflux medication, you have increased your chances of a B12 deficiency.

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to my knowledge, no i have not been tested for a B12 deficiency. and nope, no acid reflux meds. i'll keep this in mind and mention it if the orthotics don't help. thanks!

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Hello Nina,

As can be seen in the attached article, there are a number of things that can help prevent/treat this problem. I'm not spamming, its just really useful info!


Kelsey x

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I find a couple of Dr. Scholl's Air-Pillo insoles. or store brand for that matter in each of my shoes is very helpful in enabling me to walk more & farther on my sore feet. I have migraines & loss of muscle & probably start of PA disease made it very painful. At this point I am even using the thicker $10-18 dollar insoles(under lt. weight ones)) that are kind of like foam or rubber not real soft but not hard either.I wash them & they last a long time. Hope you have better luck with foot dr. things. Mom paid $100 for a thing, some strange foam stuff(lt blue) like you get in packaging of a new TV. That white stuff you throw out. How is something hard going to help sore feet? She lasted about 10 min. & was already getting a blister from it. I tried it just to see how it felt & when home I stepped on some from sm TV I had just gotten & feeling was pretty much the same,miserable! Mom's was to make that leg same as other one as about 1 1/2 in. shorter. I also can't tolerate nylons. Wore them to church & legs would finally quit hurting by following wed. afternoon. Gave up heels too. Hope what Dr. made for you works!

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Ido from kidney dialysis,mine is getting pretty bad My hubby wants to rub them but it hurts too much,then theyre numb,dr said its from dialysis,there are meds you can get for it.

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well, the orthotics did not help at all. i wore them for 3 weeks and went back to the foot doctor a couple of weeks ago. after describing my symptoms again, he looked at the reports and the 2 mri's i had prior to back surgery. he still could not see any signs of neuropathy but he said it's pretty obvious it's there. he put me on lyrica and let me tell you, the relief was almost instantaneous! i feel like i finally have my life back!!

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Listen up people. I don't mean to be un-polite or sound like a bad guy but certain things need to be presented.
Nuropathy by any other name is still neuropathy.
There is only ONE cause for neuropathy and that is DIABETES.
Neuropathy is called "insulin resistance" or "pre-diabetes" and is the pre-cursor of rype 2 diabetes.
If you really want, and I'm sure you do,to relieve the pain and cure your neuropathy you must make some life style changes. There are no drugs or other pills for diabetes It must be CURED by a change in your habits. I would like you to buy a book for $40 that will amaze and enlighten you and show you the CURE for neuropathy and type 2 diabetes and many other wonderful health treatments. I am not a book seller so don't get upset. Don't let the name of the book throw you off either.
I discovered this book and was a bit leery as the name just doesn't sound like what it is. I have been following this life style change as best I can for about 4 months. My neuropathy has improved a great deal. Pain is gone and feet are feeling much better. A ways to go but getting there and no meds of any kind. Buy the book, you will be pleased and so will your health. book name "the healing kitchen" phone 1-800-678-5835. A lot better than Dr. visits and meds.
A hint, start now while waiting on the book, stop all sugar that you consume, soft drinks and all sugary foods, also cut out carbohydrates. I am doing it and you can too.

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