tailbone problem

Seamer1June 6, 2005

I recently hurt my tailbone while I jumped off a rock into a lake. I did not touch bottom, but a picture was taken and it looked like my legs went in at an angle, and my hind end took the blunt of the contact. I am in so much pain, I can hardly function. Do any of you know what I can do to ease the pain? I am taking Lortabs for it, but they only work for a little while. and, how long does it take to heal an injury like this

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I fell on my butt several years ago. My doctor did a little chiropractic maneuver on me, and it worked instantly and permanently. I had experienced numbness in both arms, and a feeling like I was carrying someone on my shoulders before I saw my dr.

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Refrain from a sitting position. Stay vertical or horizontal until healing occurs. I had to spend 3 months that way... If you know a good chiropractor, he may be able to help you. Soft cold packs help reduce inflamation.

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Yes, I feel your pain. I fell down hard on the wooden arm of a chair just before I started my first desk job. I was in misery for months. And even when I was pregnant the pressure made it hurt all over again. It took it years to finally go away. I didn't go to a doctor- just put up with it.

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I finally gave up and went to a Chiropractor today. I have never been really convinced of their effectivness, but I have got to SHOUT from the mountain top, I have had some relief. I am sure it isn't fixed, but I do feel better!!!!

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