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nancy_r_texasOctober 6, 2005

i am feeling a bit better, thank god. i still cry but not as bad as i still trying to find a support group but not having any luck at it.i think i would be so much better if i could find one, everyone else has moved on and are doing great.i think its harder for me because my son died and that same week my daughter moved out so i lost both at once.thanks for all your support.

love nancy

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Wow, you had two major losses at once. I know you are still suffering greatly, but I'm glad you are feeling a little better. It just takes so much time, and you just go ahead and cry all you need to.

You are so wise to reach out by looking for a support group. Have you called local hospitals or churches? Maybe others here will have some suggestions.

Take care,


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I'm glad you're doing better. Losing a child is the most difficult thing a person can deal with. You are so lucky your son had children that you can love. Our son's only child was killed with him, and so he's totally gone. His wife has remarried, and it seems as though it's just his dad and me, plus his brothers who miss him so much. We are heartened by the friends of ours and his who still remember and miss him. our youngest boy's in-laws went a couple of weeks ago to Italy. On their trip they met a couple from Naples, FL where Dave and Millie lived, and this couple knew him and remembered him so fondly. It comforted us greatly to know that half a world away, he was mentioned and remembered. Please be strong and know that so many of us here care about you and keep you in their thoughts and prayers. Take care.

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It is easier if one can believe that loved ones are in a better place. That sounds trite, but one must hang on to something, and keep praying. My heart goes out to anyone who suffers a loss.

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I'm glad that you are feeling better, Nancy. Have you tried Compassionate Friends in your area? It is a wonderful group that can be so much help to parents who have lost children and also for the siblings. It was a life line for me when we first lost Christin and continues to be an organization which I support. Some of my best friends have been made through our chapter in Baton Rouge.
I hope that you can find a group which will give you comfort. Keep in touch.

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