How do I help my fiance grieve when we're not in the same state?

gregoryswifeOctober 3, 2011

My fiance lost his dad on 9/11/11 and after that we talked for that week, however he has completed shut down and isn't talking. It's hard because we are in a LDR and all we have is the phone. I know it's really hard on him as well since he lost his mom the end of March and didnt get to grieve for her. I've been reading not to take it personal and give him all the time and space he needs to grieve and I know he loves me.How do I get through this because I'm grieving as well.

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Maybe you can find some support groups for you to find out how to deal with this problem As for your fiance, if he does not get some help, he may never get over it and may not want to get married because he is scared something could happen to you.

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Thanks Marie. I am in therapy and go each week. I think you're right in that he is scared he's going to lose me too. My therapist has suggested that when I do speak to him to see if he will get help since this is so overwhelming for him. Thanks for your reply.

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