Has anyone ever had a craving for cold milk?

ashliJune 12, 2008

It has been several weeks ago now since I stopped craving milk...Very strange...I've always liked it, but this was different...I only know that I had a small fever and wondered why I was feeling tired...and the "craving" started and lasted six weeks!...I would drink iced tea, but it didn't satisfy my thirst like it always had before...had to have the milk...at least a half gallon a day.

I've started taking Calcium tablets with vitamin D...

You think that craving could of meant I needed Calcium?

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Are you pregnant?

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I personally do think food cravings often have some need basis linked to them. What need it was is hard to say. Maybe you had some extra acid in your tummy and needed the milk to nuetralize it. Maybe it's even the protein in the milk ... who knows. At least milk is not the worse thing to be craving.

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ha...No, not pregnant. So that's out of the question.
Odd thing, when I was pregnant, I can't remember craving anything...not pickles nor ice cream, same old foods without anything unusual.
I keep milk in the refrigerator...just in case...The craving for it was like what some people say about water...(Which I don't like)..."Nothing quenches the thirst like water'...Maybe I needed the water and got it from the milk(?)...

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I craved cold milk only after indulging in sweets. It was a strong craving and I don't know what the reason was. I am diabetic and don't eat sweets anymore.

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...and it had to be Whole Milk...DH bought me Skim Milk once ...I dranked all of it in one day, it didn't satisfy me at all, still craved the real-thing. He is a diabetic, but I've never been checked for it, maybe I should.

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