One of my brothers was robbed and murdered :(

jody_2008October 4, 2008

I am so sad :(!!!! My brothers life was taken away from him for no good reason. He was robbed and beat to death with a hammer. He was murdered on May 30th 2008 and wasn't found till June 3, 2008. His body was so badly decomposed. My brother never had anything in life. He would do anything for anyone. He would have turned 47 on June 26th 2008. He leaves behind a wife and four children. Along with 2 grand babies on the way. They have the thug that murdered him. He is in jail trying to plead not guilty. When he admitted to police he did it and showed them were the hammer was. We were alike in alot of ways. I feel like part of me has died along with him. I love him and will continue to talk to him and pray for him for the rest of my life. Listen to the song by Backstreet boys Never Gone. That is my song for him. Very touching Sad:"( Jody

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I'm so sorry Jody . That's horrible. I feel so sad for his wife a kids too.God bless you all. Darzie

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We do not know why things like this happen but I am sending you and your family prayers and hugs for strength.

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My dad too young. He was beautiful -- like Steve MQueen. A star. He had a Triumph when he was 20. He was in the Army in the 50's and served in Korea. I idolized him. So in 2003 I went into his hospital room and his mouth was hanging open and un-shaven and incoherent. My Mother tried to keep me from seeing him. I will never forgive her for not telling me that he was dying. I didn't know that he was dying until the last moments. he was unresponsive and didn't know I was there. I really think that he did know I was there... I feel that he is with me every moment of my life since then. Any response?

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I guess what I am saying is that my Dad's death was just as sudden and horrifying. Maybe not so much as your brothers but just as sudden and sad. I am so sorry for your loss.

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My condolences to both of you.

Death never is easy;
it's a loss.

but sudden death, violent death, death too young are all added shocks to the loved ones left behind.

Not only have we *lost* someone, we've had someone *taken* from us.

so I think that there's a powerful element of anger or rage involved, & that we don't like to admit it.

Anger isn't "nice".

My feeling is that we don't just get angry out of a clear blue sky, that there's always a *reason*, that we're entitled to our rage (somebody was *taken* from us), & that the best thing to do is face our anger, claim it, & get it out of our systems so we can get on with grieving & with getting to the point that we can remember the lost loved one with a smile, with joy that that person blessed our lives.

Years ago, an old friend told me that during one very long & grief-filled summer, one moonlit night she reached a "boiling point" in her grief & rage.

She took a bottle of wine out to the trampoline in the back yard & climbed onto the trampoline &, as she said, "I sat there & looked at the moon & drank a little wine & howled & squalled & bawled & snotted until I was empty."

I've always thought that sounded so healing.

I'm holding both of you in my thoughts & in my heart, & I wish you the best.

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jody, I can understand how your grief is multiplied by the circumstances of your DB's death. His life was robbed from him. He was not sick nor caused his own death by negligence or self injury. I hope the perp is held accountable for his undoing. At least, that would give the family some form of closure. They can then grieve in peace. I am so sorry for the untimely loss of your DB.

I am posting the song you mentioned on the thread entitled: Songs of Rembrance and Grief.

All my Best to You.

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