clicking in the ears .... any one?

vieja_gwJune 30, 2009

All my life I notice a 'clicking' in each ears when I yawn, swallow, etc. & supposed everyone had this. The ear Dr. didn't seem to know what I was talking about when I described it to him & said it was tinnitis ... but I thought tinnitis was an abnormal ringing in the ears a lot of the time without anything one did? This what I have is not a ringing ... just a sound/click that happens when I yawn, swallow, etc. And I can make it happen at will!

Please tell me that others have this also & it is normal!! :) A silly question maybe, but now I wonder why this happens & if there is a medical name for it ... seems 'normal' for me & have always had it but why no one else- including the Dr.- knows what I'm talking about!

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Find another doctor. Sounds like the same thing that happens when flying. Changing elevations causes inner ear pressure which chewing gum helps to correct. Precisely what is causing yours is not known and that is what you need to find out. Another possibility is the clicking is actually coming from the jaw and you are hearing it as if coming from the ear. In any case you need to find a doctor who listens to you and takes steps to find out what to do.

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Yes, I was thinking that because the eustation tube x the ear enters the throat about ear level, that when I yawn (or do it intentionally)I am equalizing the pressure in my ears that way (thus, the 'clicking' sound) ... as you mention: like in an airplane.

I now have another person who can do this ... my son! I just happened to mention this this week to him and-like me-he thought everyone had this happen & could do this at will also. Come on Dr. .... you must know what I'm talking about?!

Guess I need to get more to keep me busy than trying to place a name on my 'clicking'!! It definitely is NOT tinnitis ... I also do have that & it is a constant ringing in both ears & I can't control that, unfortunately!!

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Hmmmm --- a genetic physical abnormality? Probably since your son has it also. I don't know if further investigation is necessary to determine if it could become a future problem or if there is even anything that CAN be done. But, I agree that it's not tinnitis. That's a constant ringing and this is a clicking or popping that comes and goes. Let us know what the diagnosis is if you choose to follow up on it.

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Now curiosity has me delving further;will have to take a little survey of my friends & relatives now!ha I have had it all my life so am not concerned about it ... only curious!!

I do remember asking the audiologist tech who did the hearing exam on me say that she knew what I was describing, she also had it/could do it but didn't know any term for it either! Only the Dr. had no clue as to what I was talking about!

There must be others out there that have the same thing?!

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We all have different sized eustachian tubes. Also, our mucous is different. Some have thicker mucous than others.
You may have a smaller eustachian tube with a little thicker mucous. Whenever the tuge opens and closes, you'll hear the clicking. You might try eating less salt and drinking more fluids and seeing if that helps alleviate it a bit.

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catherinet: that makes sense! Doesn't bother me ... been a part of me forever but the curiosity got to me when some people didn't have it & had no clue what I was talking about !! ... so your explanation about the differing sizes of the tubes makes sense. Yes, like a 'popping' sound in the ears when on a plane & other altitude pressure changes but I can make it happen at will. Gotta tell my ENT doc now what I was talking about!!

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I think I have small tubes and thick mucous too. It was the worst when I was going through perimenopause. I had to be real careful to drink lots of water and I would use a homemade nasal spray in my nose several times and day, and that would help alot to keep my tubes from getting stuck closed.

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vieja, I think this is a question for your dentist instead. When I was a kid my dentist suggested braces for a number of reasons - one of them was that if my teeth continued in the direction they were going that I would eventually hear clicking sounds in my jaw/ears as I aged. I never did get the braces, and guess what. Click, pop. As we age our teeth shift. Hope this helps.

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Don't think it has anything to do with my jaw or teeth as I don't get the 'clicking' when I eat, move my jaws, etc. ... just when I yawn, swallow & it definitely is in my ears & I believe where the eustachin tubes enter the throat.

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OH MY GOSH!!!!! i thought i was the only one like this but i see that im not. the same thing happens to me exept not as often when i yawn. and i can control it too. doctors have told me to just not make it happen but i cant do that. when i swallow it clicks which makes me think it has something to do with my throat. and also if you've noticed it does your throat move ever so slightly when your ears click? i know i dont have tinnitis. but dont know what i do have.. if you find out could you please tell me.. im dying for a solution.

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I have this as well. It's almost like I can flex some sort of invisible ear muscle and make it click whenever I want. I too believe it is the eustachian tubes trying to balance the pressure and relieve themselves of the fluid. Let me know if you found out anything new please.

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Think everyone has it & can make it happen by flexing something back where the ear enters the throat cavity. I also tried once to explain (difficult to do, isn't it?!)to the ENT doctor what I was curious about & he said it was normal but I don't believe he gave it a name either. Swallowing at times will do it but usually it is flexing some muscles on either side of the throat/ear inside. I assume the clicking is on both sides? Mine is. Interesting though, isn't it?! I do also have tinnitis though but don't believe it has anything to do with the 'clicking'. SO.... it is perfectly normal I understand & I'd assume everyone has it or can do it!

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Yep, just as I was typing this, I found myself doing it ... out of boredom I guess?! It is so easy to do that it has become a habit but has nothing to do with air pressure as in a plane or high altitude I don't think, as it is not involuntary ... I can do it anytime I want & even just one side at a time sometimes. Certainly nothing to be concerned about but just another curiosity that some of us have & seemingly not others! I just had my hearing testing done & ear canals fine... no pressure problem or infection or abnormal fluid. The tinnitis which is getting worse, I believe is a neurological problem I was told in the ear instead.

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