Itchy, all over the body without rash or hives...

SunnyDJJune 10, 2014

I've been though this a number of times and have been to see the doctor...One doc told me I had too much acid in my system and prescribed a stomach pill, great for the stomach but did nothing for the itch....I was given an "itch" pill. But, the pill literally puts me in zombie land and I just can't function, (but not itch)...I've used different brands of "itch stopping" lotions but they only give short relief....I do also take an allergy pill for the common/everyone has, allergies and that doesn't do a thing.....And one strange thing, when I take a hot bath, both my feet and hands get so itchy, I need to use a brush to relieve it....Weird!
Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.....

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Are you using any new products in your home? I know you said it wasn't hives, but an allergic reaction can be in different forms. My husband broke out in hives the first time I used that spray on stuff that was suppose to save cleaning the shower.

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Good EmmaR
I would like to add check what you have been eating prior to this problem or have you ate anything new

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Thanks for your responses....Right now, I can't think of anything new but will keep track....Thanks again.....

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Sugar makes me do the same thing. My legs get red streaks from itching myself after a hot bath. I sometimes feel like ants are crawling over me. It's tough to give up sweets, but when I do I feel lots better and and no itching. Benadryl DOES help me when I've indulged.....

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That's interesting, Redcurls...I'll have to watch my sugar and see if that helps...I remember years ago, my Mom had the same problem and she or the doctor blamed it on nerves and gave her an RX for a tiny purple "nerve" pill....It's hard to tell what that pill was but it sure did work, lol.....Wish I had a bag of those little "purple pills"lol.....
Benadryl usually knocks me out or makes me goofier than I already am.....It's these little problems that really foul up a person's day..........

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I have very itchy sensitive skin, too. I've worked with a dermatologist for many years. Suspect soaps and laundry products. Forget the hot bath, that's making it worse. A fast shower in the coolest water you can stand. And I am also sensitive to food coloring. About 20 yrs ago, a long-standing medication changed to generic that was in a different colored capsule, and that mystery took us months to discover. Also suspect fillers in medications or vitamins, etc.

Good luck!

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I think you should have an abdominal ultrasound, to make sure there is nothing going on with your Pancreas...

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Excellent idea, ilovemytrees.

itchy skin like this can be a symptom of early stage pancreatic cancer.

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