Does laminate chip?

hedgehoggyAugust 13, 2012

I am trying to decide on flooring choices for our new build. I have found the following laminate (link below)and really am impressed with the look of it as I wasn't even considering laminate until I saw this product in store. It is an 8mm from Shaw. I am wondering if anyone has experienced chipping (or any other problems) with laminate (and if so what was the chip a result of).

Thanks for all opinions!

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Sophie Wheeler

Sure laminate can chip. Just drop something heavy on it as a point load. It can also swell and buckle if exposed to moisture or installed without an expansion gap. If it's shiny, but especially shiny and dark, it can show footprints and dirt much worse than matte, but that's a characteristic of shiny, not necessarily laminate.

Wood can do all of those things as well, but there is more wood under the chip. It's not a printed picture of wood with MDF underneath. Wood can also swell if exposed to moisture, but about 70% of the time, if you dry it out fast enough, it will just return to normal with no real lasting damage. Wood also adds some value to your home. Laminate does not and never will. "Laminate wood floor" is an oxymoron coined by realtors trying to prey on the ignorance of buyers.

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