migraines/ skeletal muscular

sammy zone 7 TulsaJune 2, 2004

My daughter age 35 has beeen suffering with migraines / skeletal muscular headaches for quite a few years. She has been under the care of a number of neurologist, and now much focus seems to be on her neck and TMJ. Have any of you had good results with anything? She has an arsenal of medications, a new mouth guard, and has seen a number of Physical Therapists. She is a student and a Teacher's Assistant in a University working on her Masters in Chinese. I say this to emphasize the amount of reading she does, and the stress she is often under.

Has anyone gone to a new clinic or heard of a recent procedure that may help her?


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My friend had migrains that got worse early in her pregnancy. She could not take the meds safely, so her doc said it would not hurt to try a chiropractor. She went, and got major relief, and was migraine free the rest of her pregnancy. He said hers was neck tension and stress only exacerbated the problem.

She just could not go for adjustments in the last trimester because certain pressure points can cause early labor. But she still had relaxation techniques he had taught her. Since the baby's birth she has kept up with methods of reducing the tension in the neck muscles and has been able to manage her headaches successfully.

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Has she tried massage? I don't mean a casual feel-good type of massage, but with someone who is really well trained - often these people work with doctors & chiropractors.

I've been a painting contractor for 15 years, and even though I have employees do much of the dirty work :o) I still do enough to get all sorts of pains, knotted muscles and neurological weirdness. Things that can give me significant headaches, arm & hand numbness and quite a bit of pain in my back, neck and shoulders. I also have a ruptured disc in my lower back.

Over the years, the ONLY thing that gives almost complete and immediate relief of all symptoms is a very good massage. Really excellent practioners can be hard to find, but well worth it IMHO.

Worst case scenario - it won't cure anything, but it feels really, really good! An hour is generally $50-$100, depending where you are.

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I have good results with migraine medications like Imitrex, Maxalt, etc. But I have classic migraines with auras, pain on one side, etc.

The medications don't take the headache away completely, but they make it possible for me to function, rather than lying motionless on my bed with a cloth over my eyes to darken the room.

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I've had my migranes( for 25 years) go away by adjusting my diet. I stopped sugar, salt , alcohol and coffee.Coffee withdrawls can increase headaches so go slow if you want her to try it. It is difficult to do but the severe migranes are gone. When the migranes woke me up I used to drink coffee and take migrane medication and try to and massage my scalp with a brush - nothing really seemed to help too much though. They would last for days.
I also get osteopathic treatments to help with herniated discs in my neck that cause lots of nerve/pain problems. They have been Extremely helpful...after years of no success- I would look into a good osteopath who does cranial sacral therapy as well.
Hope she finds some answers

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sammy zone 7 Tulsa

She has had good luck with a physical therapist that specializes in TMJ. There is evidentally a little machine that she uses on her neck that is helpful. But my daughter's insurance won't pay for the machine. She has had quite a bit of training in (biofeedback???) something, so that she won't turn every headache into a migraine. Sometimes she is on medication for days. She takes very strong pain killers. THanks for the suggestions. It looks like she is already doing most of these things.

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