new pre-finished floor squeaking in one big area

coengAugust 10, 2011

I purchased a new home in June 2011 and had the carpeting on the 2nd floor removed as well as the 3/4 inch particle board underneath it, revealing a 1/2 inch plywood subfloor. Prior to installing 3/4 inch prefinished Somerset hardwood flooring the flooring contractor added another 1/2 inch plywood glued and screwed on top of the existing 1/2 inch for a total 1 inch subfloor. When I walked across the subfloor it was rock solid. A week later they installed the hardwood floor and it too was rock solid.

We just moved in this weekend (about three weeks after floors were complete) and there is a large spot in the middle of the hallway that squeaks pretty bad. I am going to call the flooring contractor to complain, but at the same time I am wondering what can actually be done to fix this? I don't want my floor ripped up because I had my house cleaned top to bottom prior to us moving in and we are expecting our third child in a month.

Any suggestions on what I should tell the contractor? Why would the floor not squeak until after we moved in?

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Hardwood floors can squeak for a few reasons. If you have access to the floor joists from below, you or your contractor will have more options in resolving it. I've heard about some people using a lubricant such as powder graphite in the cracks as a temporary solution, since that's where a lot of the squeaks come from.

Did you do anything to secure the first layer of plywood onto the floor joist? There could be movement there. Also the joist supports may be insufficient to be 'squeak-free' and need additional bridging.

As to why the squeaking just appeared... perhaps the extra weight of furniture has a role in things, like if it has created additional sagging/movement. Another guess might be that it's related to how wood expands/contracts in relationship to local climate.

Feel free to contact your installer and see what he can do. However, it's common for wood floors to squeak and they squeak for many reasons beyond faulty product/installation so I'm not sure how much of it will be covered under warranty.

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Could also be a cleat or staple from the installation is rubbing an other nail or has punctured a duct.

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