Pain and numbness in right arm

cheerful1_gwJune 21, 2005

I recently started to experience a toothache-like pain in my right arm from the shoulder to the elbow. I am also experiencing numbness in the arm. I think I'm developing either arthritis or carpal tunnel in my thumb. Is it all related?

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You really need to go to a doctor and insist on tests. I've developed some neuropathy problems that would have been a whole lot easier to reverse had I addressed them promptly. Now it looks like my best chances are just to keep them from getting worse.

Don't mean to sound like such an alarmist but your post has really "punched my buttons". I could really kick myself for letting my pain/numbness in my feet (and now hands/arms) go on too long without definitive tests which I'm just now having done. Dumb, dumb, dumb. Please don't be like me.


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It sounds as if you might have a pinched nerve in your neck. I had numbness in my left arm, and I went to the Dr. for it. I ended up having to have surgery to fuse two vertibre. I had spinal fluid leakage. So don't wait, it would be better to be safe than sorry. BTW, I was surprised It was a problem with my neck because I had NO neck pain what so ever

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It could also be tendonitis or bursitis. I had to go to physical therapy for this and I totally forgot about the pain. One day I just thought "my shoulder doesn't hurt any more" and the pain completely disappeared. When I was going to PT, I couldn't bend my elbow or raise my arm over my head.

Go see an orthopedic doctor or a neurologist. My neurologist sent me to an orthopedic specialist (this is when I found out I had severe osteoporosis). The doctor knew this just by feeling of my arms and sent me for a bone density test which confirmed the osteoporosis.

Please post what you find out.

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