Cholesterol and Food Labels

cheerful1_gwJune 29, 2006

When you have high cholesterol, what is the most important item on the food labels to watch out for? There's Total Fat, Saturated Fat, Trans Fat and Cholesterol. My total cholesterol is 296; my doctor wants me to go low fat for 6 weeks, and will test me again.

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My understanding is that you should first consider trans fats and then consider saturated fats. Avoid both as much as you can. Unsaturated fats need only be considered if you also need to lose weight. My cholesterol isn't quite so high as yours but my HDL/LDL is all backwards even with medication. I am moving toward giving up dairy fat. It's hard because I am also diabetic and there already aren't a lot of things I can eat and I dearly love cheese but I think it's what I need to do if there is any hope of turning this thing around. I don't eat much red meat, another major source of saturated fat, and I don't eat any trans fats.

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Someone told me that apple pectin is good for lowering cholesterol. I may give it a try. Will also look more closely at food labels.

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I tried pectin. I didn't see a difference.

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