Anyone out there with COPD

gardenlady_growJune 5, 2008

About a year ago I was told I have COPD, and since then it has been a long year. Doctors, test, and the endless medications. Just wanted to touch bases with other people dealing with this. Tried other forums on COPD but have had no luck. Thanks in advance and if this is not the forum to post this please let me know.

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I'm sorry for your trouble. Are you using oxygen now? I know how annoying it is to be spending so much time with doctors, taking pills, etc. LWhat a drag, huh?

Have you tried They have a section called Lung & Respiratory Disorders.

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Not on oxygen yet, but I've been told it won't be long. Right now we are constantly on antibiotics and pred. It is truly a drag. I'll try the Thanks. With a lot of the forums I tried there is not a lot of response or they are old forums. I'll keep trying. Really trying to find the right kind of meds. to be on.DR's are constantly trying new ones, work good for a couple of weeks and then either breathing gets bad again or I have a reation. Just want to get well enough right now to do some gardening.
Thanks for your message

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