Week 23 Healthy Check-in

hhirenoJune 11, 2012

I went to the gym this morning and also took a 36 minute walk this evening so I'm very pleased with my activity level today.

There were a few new people at the gym and 2 of them were wearing too much cologne/perfume. I don't know why anyone would have on that much fragrance at 7:30 in the morning while working out. Maybe the guy was getting off a night shift? The perfume was an older woman. I had to leave the treadmill I was using to get away from the smell. If they become regulars I might have to ask the staff to suggest to them they should cut back on the fragrances.

I had lentils for dinner and decided I should recommend them to all of my healthy eating friends. One cup has 230 calories with 16 g of fiber and 18 g of protein. That's a lot of fiber and protein, two things that will help you feel satisfied and full longer. Tonight, I ate mine plain but added feta cheese to my husband's portion (he needs a little incentive to eat them). Tomorrow I'll toss in some chopped vegetables, maybe a little vinaigrette dressing, maybe some feta and eat them for lunch. In cold weather months I add mustard seed and caramelized onion. Everything tastes good with caramelized onion.

Tomorrow is my 19th wedding anniversary and we'll be going out to dinner. I'll probably splurge on a dessert if they have something particularly interesting. To offset some of those calories, I'll go to the gym in the a.m. and maybe get a walk in also if the weather holds.

How is everyone doing this week?

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Had a nice walk myself this evening. I'm nursing a sore hip muscle. Walking "warms up" the muscle, then I did some stretches. I've gone to sleep with ice on it the last two nights and will again tonight. Can tell a difference, but it still needs some work.

Eating more fruit and veggies as fresh produce is coming in. Finished up a yummy cantaloupe for lunch. Picked up some zucchini tonight for later in the week.

HH - you are right - every thing tastes good with caramelized onion.

Enjoy that dessert! We had lunch with friends yesterday and ordered the most delish chocolate cake - and 4 spoons. So, I got my fix but not too much.


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Starting to get back on track and was glad to see my weight going down. So easy to gain, so hard to lose.
As I mentioned in the previous post, I find that for me it is my food intake that determines my weight loss. So, I can lose weight by watching intake without exercising at all.
But, exercising does make me feel better and stronger. That is why I do it. If I am not watching calories, it doesn't matter how much I exercise, I will still gain.
I"m in my late fifties, so I guess this has something to do with all of this.

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Had my last kettle bells & spin class until August -- both instructors leave town for the summer. How I will miss them! You get so attached to your instructors :(

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Just came back from cycling class this morning. Worked out with my trainer yesterday - he really put me through my paces! Then he gave me a list of "challenges" to complete for the week:
1.) Do 400 pushups,
2.) 400 incline pullups,
3.) Walk 7,000 vertical feet on the inclinator (it's like a treadmill but inclines up to a 50 degree angle). It's really great for the knees,
4.) A minimum of 8 hours of cardio for the week.
After training, I did 170 each of the pushups and pullups and did 1300 vertical feet.

My head is totally in the game with going to the gym but I'm feeling lazy about logging my food. I'm not eating too bad I just can't seem to get back in the groove of weighing, measuring and writing it down. As with everything, I just need to force myself to do it and then it will come naturally.

Hhireno, congratulations on the wedding anniversary!

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Whoa, Kellyeng! Those are some lofty fitness goals. I know you'll meet them but just reading them is daunting.

Last night I had to ask St. Anthony for help in locating my wedding pictures so we could look at them and laugh. Nineteen years doesn't seem that long until you look back at the photos. Oh my, how young everyone looked. I actually weigh almost 20 pounds less than that day. It surprised me to realize that my MIL then was almost the current age of my husband. That doesn't seem so old now, especially since I'm 3 years behind him.

I did have dessert and wine with dinner last night and today's weigh-in reflected those treats. It was worth the splurge but now it's back to reasonable healthy eating.

It's a nice day today so I'll be able to get an additional walk in later. Yesterday it rained all day so I only did the gym and didn't get the extra walk.

awm, what's the countdown to Iowa?

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hhhireno, the ride starts July 22.

Hope you enjoyed your anniversary! Wishing you many more happy years with your DH.

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Thanks to the interesting biking talk from awm and trailrunner, I am now the proud new owner of a Cannondale bike. I'm going to have to do a lot of riding to justify the expense but I'm excited to have it. I also have a new helmet, bell, water bottle & holder, and back rack with removable basket.

I told my husband that according to Hallmark the traditional 19th wedding anniversary gift was a bike & accessories. For our 13th anniversary I wanted a gold & diamond necklace and all he wanted was an ice cream from Cold Stone Creamery. He's the best.

The weather for last few days here as been perfect and I was so sorry that my old bike wasn't working so I decided to splurge and get the new bike. They told me the old bike was from 1983.

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cyn427 (zone 7)

This has been the worst end-of-school-year ever. Spent from 8-1 today packing and cleaning my classroom, but only two more days to go. I am hoping this fabulous weather sticks around and I will start every day with walking the dogs. I have stopped that since DH retired (almost two years ago-egad) and it is time to get back to it. Doing my weights when I think of it. I really need to get on a regular schedule now that school will be out. It was just one of those years whenI dragged myself home almost every evening after a 9-10 hour day. No fun and I hope it isn't just due to being 60 and wearing out more quickly.

Had a large delicious salad for dinner tonight. May have to just have fresh green salads for dinner more often. Yum. I think I have hit a plateau weight-wise, so time to up the ante. Even though I am not really over weight, I am for me (does that make sense?). I will not, however, be doing any sit-ups even though I know I should. Oh well. ;)

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Cyn, oh to be 60 again (I am 64) :). So far it hasn't slowed me down, knock wood; however, I am, at least until I look at a mirror, in denial about my age and I truly feel better than I did when I was 30!

I still work out at least an hour and up to two hours daily and loving/hating it.

Awm, I am in awe of your bike trip

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cyn427 (zone 7)

Thanks for the upbeat outlook, Marlene! I am going to fit in exercise this summer for sure. I don't feel bad really. Demands at schools these days are just so great that there is little time or energy left for anything else. Alas, since I didn't start teaching until I was 38, I have a few more years to go until I can retire!

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