Tomorrow I say Goodbye to my Pet

greenthumbbOctober 31, 2004

My beautiful 8 yr old Golden retriever Belle was diagnosed with a liver tumor that has spread,surgery won't help..This is her last weekend with us.

Belle was adopted when whe was 11 months old as a companion for our Lab...She has become my garden companion,my friend.She always stayed close to me.She was full of life and always did things to make us smile,like bringing her food bowl in her mouth when she knew it was time to eat.

We never thought she would be gone this quick.

She has certainly made us happier with her presence,and we feel blessed that she came into our life.

Goodbye dear dearest,special dog.


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I'm so sorry, Sandy.

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Nell Jean

Pets become a part of the family and it is very sad when they have to leave us. I'm sorry for your loss.


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Oh, I'm so sorry. The day last May that we had to have our 12 year old Yorkie, Cassie, put down, I bathed her that morning and loved her all day. We had a great day together and I don't think she even realized that I was crying most of the day while I was holding her.

Those of us who've had pets and loved them sympathize with you and what you're going through.

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I am so sorry that your friend has to go so soon. Hugs peace and comfort to you and Belle.

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Nell Jean

Want to share this:

Here is a link that might be useful: A Dog Named Beau by Jimmy Stewart

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Dear Everyone,I appreciate so much your comforting words.I am glad to have you to turn to in my time of sorrow.Her loss is hard to take at this time.
Thanks for caring.

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I am so very sorry that Belle will have gone on this journey so soon. I'm sure she'll be greatly missed. From those of us who have pets, surely we cam sympathize with your loss. We're thinking of you. Hugs....
Emma in PA

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Oh, Sandy, I've been through this so many times, and it never gets easier. I hope you'll get some comfort from the knowledge that Belle clearly had a wonderful life with you. If only they could live longer!


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