DD diagnosed with MS

CinderellaJune 4, 2004

If anyone has information or suggestions I would appreciate it. Obviously she will be following doctors orders and will see a specialist soon.

She is 32, a single mom of 3. Fortunately we live near.

Anyone with experience care to share tips etc?

She is not having any symptoms at this time aside from the 'optic neuritis' that lead to the diagnosis. She had prednisone for that and her vision in that eye has returned, thank God.

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My hubby's aunt was diagnosed when she was in her 30's. She is in her 70's now and is wobbly but just recently began using a wheelchair part time. The progress of the disease is different for different people so hopefully your daughter's MS will affect her slowly. Our small town has an MS support group so you might want to check to see if there is one in your area. Hugs, Kathy

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Thanks for the suggestion.
She is still in shock from the diagnosis but has been back to the dr. to discuss meds. She will be going back again in a couple of weeks and then will see a specialist.
WE are going to do all that we can to help her fight this as much as possible.
I think a support group will be good for her in the future.
Thanks again.

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An ex co-worker was diagnosed with MS at age 52. She had a sister who had MS as well. Her condition started out the same way as your daughters with losing vision in one of her eyes. She was out of work for about three months until her vision returned. She was a typist and stared at the computer screen all day. She would come to work and it looked like she was tripping on the carpet and she would fall. I saw an article on the Internet (it was a warning) about aspartame and MS. She was drinking a lot of diet cokes. I took the article to her and she showed it to her husband and they agreed she would quit drinking anything with aspartame. Aspartame is in so many different things (yogurt, etc). She never fell again after she gave up aspartame. Whether there is any validity to this, I don't know but what happened to her was like a miracle. She is now on disability because she has trouble driving. She now gives herself a shot everyday.

There are varying degrees of MS. Look at Montel Williams. He still has a show on TV, he works every day and he looks great. I wish the best for your daughter and I'm glad you live close by.

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