installing laminate. through doorways

mikensxAugust 13, 2012

I'm about to install laminate flooring in the upstairs of my house. There are 4 bedrooms connected by a long hallway.

When going from the hall to a room, should I always use a T molding so that the floor is disconnected, or should I try to run it continuously and unbroken, like the wooden floor is now? I'd prefer to see it unbroken, but i'm afraid that trying to keep it all locked together from one room, into the hall, and into another room, may cause expansion and contraction problems.

Any experience out there?

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I am doing the same thing and am not using the T molding. Check with your laminate instructions, as long as you runs don't get long enough to require an expansion joint you should be fine.

Undercut your door frames and leave the proper expansion distance there.

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