3 year old with deviated septum

aluazJune 14, 2004

My son has been diagnosed with a deviated septum. I actually discovered something wrong because I could hear him breathing across the room. I laid him over my lap and could see that the insides of each nostril clearly looked different. In fact, I thought it was a tumor. Boy did I freak! Of course it can be corrected with surgery, but I now found out that he has a heart murmur. The GP made if very clear that it is one of the mildest, but does need to be addressed during surgery. Now we have to see a cardiologist too.

Bottom line...I'm scared. I am scared of the anesthesia, scared of hospitals, the whole thing. I just don't know what to do. Do you think I should just try nasal strips for awhile or should I just get the surgery over with?

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I would get a second opinion.
Linda C

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Definitely have the heart murmur checked out. I have one - it's a totally harmless one that sounds JUST LIKE one of the really bad ones.

If he's having problems breathing, that can affect his whole life - sleeping, playing, learning - and if you can get it corrected early, it's a good thing. Deviated septums can also be the root cause of sinus and ear infectiohns, because they can block proper drainage.

The nasal strips do NOT do a thing for deviate dseptums.

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Deviated septums can cause a lot of trouble. If he is already having trouble breathing, then it's a good bet that his sinuses are not draining properly. And that opens the way for really nasty sinus infections.
It does need to be corrected. Freguent sinus infections, even mild ones, in a growing child can slow normal growth.

Most heart murmurs are harmless and don't mean a thing. A lot of athletes have them. However, it does need to be checked out so you will know for sure..

Linda's right. Get a second opinion. It will always make you feel better about any decision you should make.

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Thank you for the input. I will first make an appointment with the ENT surgeon and find out everthing I need to know regarding having vs not having surgery. If I decide to go ahead (which I probably will), then we can go to the cardiologist.

Actually the surgeon will be the second opinion in a sense. The ENT that diagnosed him had no personality whatsoever. A couple at church recommended a surgeon who works by primary care referrals only. When I went to my primary care doctor, he thought the surgery was a good idea and spoke highly of the surgeon I wanted to go to. The first ENT and my primary said surgery wasn't crucial, but for the reasons you all mention, plus the fact that my little guy won't remember too much, I think I should do it.

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