Freezing off warts?

catherinetJune 21, 2007


My 18 year old son developed a big wart where he had an incision sutured. Has anyone tried any of the over-the-counter spray wart removers? His wart is about the size of a small pea. It scares me a little to try it, but it beats a huge dermotologist's the dermatologist can't get us in until late August, and my son will be gone to college by then. Thanks.

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I have used a freeze type wart removing product on my age spots. It removes the flat ones, but doesn't touch the kind that are raised.

BUT, I knew what I was experimenting with and I am not sure that you do. How certain are you that it is a wart? If you know for sure, then I would go ahead and use an over the counter product, but if you're not, then I think it needs to be looked at. Couldn't you get him in to see a GP?

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Hi devorah,
I will probably try another dermatologist. I guess I feel okay trying it on his obvious wart, but he also has a skin tag on his nose that I definitely wouldn't want to mess with.
I used Compound W on a wart of mine a long time ago and it worked. I've also had several burned off by a dermatologist. I'd been seeing the Dr. Shoals commercial for the freezing stuff, and was thinking of giving it a try.

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Are you sure this is not a keloid?? You mentioned that it was were he had a surgical incision. Please don't do anything to it until you have it checked by a doctor!!

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Hi ritamay,
No, its not a keloid. But it did grow on the end of the incision. I'm thinking maybe the virus took advantage of the wound?? I don't know for sure. I decided to use Compound W instead, since the freezing stuff was so expensive, and had something like 12 treatments in it. Thanks for the heads-up though! I wouldn't use it on anything I wasn't certain was a wart.

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My 12 y.o. son had a wart on one of his toes for the past year. We tried Dr. Scholl's Freeze Away Wart Remover. It took about 6 treatments over a couple of weeks before the wart finally disappeared. It did work for us.

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Thanks healthy-oil-guy,
The ad on TV makes it look like it works in one wonder they put 12 applications in the package!
We'll see how the Compound W works and go from there. He has a skin tag of some sort on his nose which will require a if this doesn't work on his wrist wart, we'll have the dermatologist take care of that too. Warts are weird. I had a couple when I was younger, and it just doesn't make sense where they choose to grow. Thanks for your help.
P.S. What kind of healthy oil are you into? Fish?Flax?Coconut? Just curious! :)

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The itworkspaste is awesome. You can get it on ebay or if you don't have paypal you can use your cc from the website. You apply once for 20 minutes unless it's really stubborn. Then you may need an extra application.

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