20th Anniversary

sylviatexas1October 16, 2007

Today is the 20th anniversary of my father's death.

Although he was in bad health (cancer), it was sudden & unexpected.

That night, I sat on the floor in my motel room watching the news.

The first thing I saw, & the only thing I remember, was the image of the firefighters bringing Baby Jessica out of that well.

Even in my stunned state (although I really didn't care how things worked at the time, I just wanted my Daddy back), I recognized how simple & how apt it was, death claiming the old & life claiming the new.

In memory of my father, I'd like to ask this:

Remember your lost ones today, & take extra care of the ones you've been given.

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"...take extra care of the ones you've been given."

That's the important part.

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Simple message but the greatest message...thanks for reminding us all.

It's tough to lose your loved ones, but I admire your courage - even after 20 years.

God Bless...


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