what could cause me too...

catlady15June 10, 2005

to have numbness in my arms and hands?I have had this about 4 weeks.It does not always stay numb but like when i type,or write with a pencil or pen my hands start hurting so so bad.but my hands feel like they are a sleep. also they just become numb when i am not doing anything,it is driving me nuts.also it has been so bad i would drop my plate or anything i had in my hand.it is weird feeling.i want to have this checked but what kind of dr do i go too?they also have that tingling too.I hope someone can give me advise.thanks a bunch.judy

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it could be a trapped nerve - it could be diabetes. I have both. I think there are so many possibilities. Hard to say if you should start with a neurologist, but that would be my best guess.

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Could also be a stroke or heart attack- women rarely get severe chest pain like men. I had numbness in arms when I fell on my butt, which didn't go away until my dr did some chiropractic magic trick on me. That was a pinched nerve.
Please see a doctor soon and let us know how you are doing.

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Could be a repetitive stress injury, too. I have Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, which basically causes a pinching of the nerves and blood vessels in the shoulder -- which often causes tingling or numbness in the hands. Mine is caused by poor posture, and overuse of the computer. I would highly recommend that you go see a doctor.

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Sounds like you have something wrong with your neck. You need to go to the Dr. RIGHT away.
I had that problem, and I had two disks messed up, and was leaking spinal fluid. I had to have a cervical fusion. GET HELP ASAP

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ditto, ditto, ditto...

the point is that SOMETHING is causing it. and you need to find out what while it's still transitory.

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I can't believe I forgot this.
My friend has Lyme Disease and her symptoms started with pain and numbness in her arms, shoulders, and neck. Lyme disease destroys nerves, which hurts.
If they can't figure out what is wrong, insist on Lyme disease testing. She was undiagnosed for 2 years, and has permanent nerve and joint damage, no gall bladder, and a permanent IV catheter (for at least 6 months) as a result.

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Catlady, have you been to the doctor yet? I just read your post and I had similar symptoms.

I couldn't hold a coffee cup unless I held it with both hands. Whatever I had in my hand, my hand would jerk and it was embarassing at work as sometimes I would spill my coffee. My family doctor was one wise lady. I thought I had carpal tunnel syndrome, but she immediately knew it was coming from my back. She sent me to a neurologist and I was diagnosed with degenerative disc disease.

It does sound like a back or neck problem, but we aren't doctors here, all we can do is guess. Please go see a neurologist if you haven't already.

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It could also be from a brain tumor. You need to see a neurologist ASAP.

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My mother was diagnosed with MS (although she is not 100% convinced), and have similar symptoms which are aggravated by certain foods and chemicals. If you do end up with such a diagnosis, look into avoiding the deadly nightshade family of plants (tobacco, eggplant, peppers, tomatoes and potatoes). My mom also found antiprespirant was a problem for her, and switched to deo only.
Good luck. It's your body, and you need to take charge and be your own advocate with your doctor.

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