What is the best way to fix a chipped corner edge of tile?

Adrienne2011August 1, 2011

Hi there,

The tile in my master bedroom closet, which we converted to become a laundry room as well, was grouted on Thursday. Between that time and yesterday, the corner piece of tile that makes up the washer/dryer surround got chipped a little. Picture a slightly raised (about an inch or so) area of the closet in which the washer and dryer sits - it has a sloped "basin", which is tiled, and a drain. It's similar to the floor of a tiled shower stall. Anyway, what's a good way to fix this small chip? If they add grout to that spot, will it later disintegrate into small particles? Must they remove that piece of tile?

I'm asking because I don't have a clue who chipped it. It could have been the workers when they installed the washer and dryer, or it could have been my husband when he installed the closet rods yesterday.

Thanks, everyone.

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best way to repair a chipped tile is to take it out and put in a new one

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It really is not a big deal for that to be replaced.If the tile layer is a good person..he will just take care of it for you or do it for a song and then your eyes will not continually go to it. Its new, your bugged by it and there is only one way to make you happy....replace it. Good Luck

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