EcoQuest Air Purifiers

attackrottJune 23, 2006

Just wanting to know and get some input and advice on the living air purifier or the other air purifiers they sell. How do they work for people with allergies, health, etc.


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Interesting that you ask about this particular brand. My folks just moved into indep. living; Mom smokes; you can smell her smoke 2 doors away down the hall. The administrator handed me this info on EcoQuest Purifiers and said he thought we might be interested in this info. I don't know how expensive they are or anything about them. But this is where we start. Hope somebody has one and likes it and they aren't$300!!! LOL How do these work for smoke??? Thanks, anybody. LOL

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In regards to the EcoQuest; I purchased one about 8 mths. ago and I truly believe it does help. I am not a smoker but hubby is,and I hate it but I love him. So I thought I will try it. I paid 700.00 for it but it really makes a difference. Especially in the winter when doors and windows have to be shut. I personally do not use it during the summer mths. when I have everything open. Although I can tell a difference when I come home and I can smell more of a dusty musty smell,but it does not bother me so much as long as the doors and windows are left open. I guess I am saving it to last longer because it was expensive for me to buy. It does sanitize and is supposed to kill mold and bacteria, I will be moving to a house that no one has lived in for 4 years soon, and will find out how well it works there. It smells real musty and dusty. I was told that they are great for cleaning just such conditions. If you need more info contact an EcoQuest dealer. They actually let me use the machine in my home for about a month till I was sure if I liked it or not. Not pushy just real nice folks. I recomend it. marymac

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Also check out the Alen 350. Recently bought one for a client after quite a bit of research. It was the second highest rated home air purifier at half the price of the best one. Don't know how it does on smoke but rates very high for allergens, etc. Google air purifier ocmparisons and look for a company air-purifier-america. They show tests results somewhere within their web site.

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I will let others speak to its capabilities as they already have, but I am an Ecoquest Distributor if any of you would like more information.

My background is a registered nurse and I put my RN behind this technology (altough no medical claims are being indicated by this fact). I am also a NORMI trained Professional, Indoor Air Quality Specialist and Advanced Oxidation Specialist.

I will gladly answer any questions you may have about the Ecoquest products. I can be reached at 215-915-3901 or by email at, just ask for Pete. Thank you, and for those that are enjoying I hope you continue to do so.

***We do have a website that I will gladly give when contacted, but Ecoquest's policies do not allow me to do this on an internet site.

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EcoQuest is the way to go!!! if you need more information on the product and looking to try it risk free, call 1800-410-8675

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Competitors of Ecoquest have long exaggerated the "ozone" in ecoquest purifiers as a means of distracting customers from knowing how good they are. If they were dangerous would they be in the Space Station, or the Ground Zero Museum, or the building that houses the Liberty Bell, just to name a few places?
Because of the concern, EcoQuest has done extensive studies in ozone, including a study made by Kansas State University.
In the article "Understanding Ozone" they quote
["In 2000, a study supported by the California Air Resources Board (under the auspices of the Long-Term Exposure Health Effects Research Program) regarding the effects of Air Pollution on children's lung function growth determined that "ozone did not play a major role in the pollution's effects on children's lungs. Instead, the offenders were nitrogen dioxide, microscopic particles known as particulate matter, and acid vapors. All come directly or indirectly from the burning of fossil fuels (the exhaust from a car or truck, for example), as well as from emissions from industrial plants and other sources." The studies lead author was W. James Gauderman, Ph.D., USC assistant professor of preventive medicine. Many experts have singled out ozone for criticism for fifty years because ozone is so easy to measure and is an easy "escape goat" that takes the focus off of the real problem that caused the smog to begin with! Rather than being an "original constituent" of smog, ozone simply appears as nature's response to combat the higher concentrations of the other chemicals in static atmospheric conditions.

A proper beneficial setting for home ozone air purifiers units would produce an indoor ozone level of .02 to .04 parts per million-well below what some governments have established as a safe level (up to .05 ppm). Criticisms in many articles cite much higher concentrations and the interesting thing is they never even mention what the safe limit is. Doing so would remove the controversy of their articles. Controversy is what sells and that is why ozone critics love to feature ozone as a "bad guy"! In a nut shell, good news is no news and that is why you generally will never hear news reporters promoting it as a good thing!

The greatest opportunity that many reporters are missing is the fact that the real controversy would be in revealing the "truth" to the public about why many agencies unethically downplay ozone. Approaching the controversy from this angle would allow reporters to still have their "controversial edge" and most importantly at the same time maintain their integrity. Hopefully in time as more and more people become educated on the importance and benefits of ozone, reporters will recognize that the "truth angle" is their biggest market and their true wild card!

Many customers of ozone type air purifiers have used them safely in their homes for over twenty years, and more. Some have had babies that are now teenagers. Those children have breathed "ozone purified air" every day of their life and have reaped the positive benefits of doing so-with no negative effects!

The bottom line is this... At the end of the day the truth will still be there. Any reporter, politician or agency that deliberately denies or holds back the truth (both sides of the story) about ozone or any other helpful life-changing substance, product or information for their own gain, will ultimately be exposed in the end! "]

Always do your research and get the facts straight.

Here is a link that might be useful: Understanding Ozone

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I know nothing about the air cleaner in question.

I just wanted to add my 2 cents about air cleaners in general... I had an electronic air cleaner ( washable filters ) installed on my furnace and had it removed after three months... It left a fine white dust on everything in the house and couldn't stand the smell of ozone... Years later I bought a portable HEPA air cleaner, from Sears, for the computer room... That one lasted a month, once the fliter gets a bit dirty the smell is overwhelming and I couldn't afford $50. every three or four weeks for a new filter...


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I had the extra dust from an ozone generator. Live and learn.

Might want to go to walmart and buy yourself a cheap $20 twenty inch square box fan and a roll of $4 two inch wide clear packing tape.
Then head over to home depot and buy a $15 3m ultra allergen pleated furnas air filter 20x20x1. And tape it to the intake side of that box fan.

No more smoke.

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I have a bunch of hepa and allergy filters. My favorites are the quiet ones.

I experimented on the hepa filters, the white pleated ones in a plastic or metal frame,,, I can soak them in the bathtub in soapy water and then rinse well blasting them with a garden hose. Amazing the dirt that washes off,, saved $$$. Seem to work just as well once they dry, which takes a couple days.

TSP, laundry detergent, dish-washing soap, all of those I've tried, even bleach .... 409 sprayed on them to soak for a few minutes cleans them fairly well too.

Be careful of the little plastic pleat separators, they come loose and slide around easy, but you learn to gently nudge them back.

Havent tried the honeywell round ones yet,, but I've got one thats getting some age, big $70 sucker!

Charcoal filters vacuumed first, then soaked in some soapy water hose off nice too.

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I just bought one of these off ebay. I think a new owner has to get used to the clean air smell? It appears to be doing the job. I have been running it for almost 2 days now. I opened the chest/case that holds the computer I am using and P.U. cigarette smoke ordor. The people that tell you they are dealers though... I had one try to sell me one for over $600. Then I researched before committing. They are on ebay for 1/3, 1/2 , +++ a little, of that dealer price. There are a lot of unhappy dealers I guess.

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I just bought 3 EcoQuestLiving Air units on e-bay for less than $300.
I used one for two weeks and doggie smell went away, but best yet, my chronic fatigue syndrome was no more! The dealer wanted $799 each--so shop, folks, shop. They are out there for much less than dealer pricing.

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As off the wall as some may think mikies' box fan and filter solution is, this is exactly what my allergist does in his home. I can't remember which filters he recommended but he showed me pictures of the ones he had set up in his house. I never actually used them myself as the allergy treatment he put me on worked so well that I didn't think I needed to go that far and there are no smokers in my house.

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