deedeebakerJune 3, 2009

Does anyone suffer from social anxiety where it makes it hard to start a new job? The self doubt and always thinking you are going to make mistakes and what would people think. I've been told I'm so hard on myself but can't seem to get in under control when I start a new job. I get all kinds of scared. I take Ativan to help ease the feeling of anxiety and it works. Would like to hear from other people who suffer from this and what they do to cope or not cope. Thanks...

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Make an appointment with a psychiatrist, Xanax is the best thing I have found for anxiety. Good luck with the new job!

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I imagine you've already started that new job, but in case you check back here, I have a suggestion.

Our HMO (Kaiser) gives group classes on anxiety management. I'd suggest you see if there is something similar local to you.

Relaxation techniques, diaphragmatic breathing, visualization and ways to re-train your thinking can all be learned.

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Hi deedeebaker yep i suffer from anxiety all the time i have real bad panic attacks also but its not because of a job its because im 46 and no longer working my kids are grown up and i feel useless i started with bad heart palpatations initially feeling like i couldnt breath i shut myself away for a long time im still not right but iv started feeling a bit better since i joined this forum i have begun to feel like i am not alone i got advice from here about the palps and i now take a magnesium and calcium suppliment which has stopped the palps and that alone makes me feel easier i hope when you have found your feet a little your self confidence will improve and u wont suffer so much with the anxiety, if you were not good enough for the job hey you wouldnt have got it gud luck.

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thanks beauty2009. I can totally understand where you are coming from also. I hadn't been working for over a year after working for 30 years. Tried several jobs after that and so far have not been able to stay at them because of the overwhelming anxiety. I'm hoping the medication I've started will work plus I am trying very hard to change my thought pattern which is a really, really big part of the problem when you have social anxiety. I hope for you too that you start to find peace from the anxiety. It's not a fun thing to deal with.

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Meds don't alway solve the problem, sometimes they just cover up the problem. Group therpy or counseling is better with less side effects. Check with the YMCA, local health medical centers or even local churches.

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mariend I agree meds don't always solve the problem but for me right now that is the route I've chosen to take. I am unemployed so I cannot afford a $50. copay for outpatient counseling. My husband is the only one working right now and I have 2 kids. As far as checking those places you listed most of the counseling given does not deal with social anxiety which is truly different from anxiety. Social anxiety keeps you from being able to deal with people in large groups for fear you will be judged by them in one way or another and so on. I could go on & on but I am working on it myself as best as I can with the opportunites available to me right now. thanks for your information

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