alopecia areata

bwyjewelJune 12, 2007

I'm 47, female, and have had thinning hair for about the past 15 years and a very thin patch at the crown area to the point of being able to see my scalp if I don't do a comb over.

Anyway, I've been taking 1,300 mg. of Evening Primrose Oil capsules 2x/day along with Fish Oil capsules, multi, and hair, skin & nail vitamins also 2x/day. I've been doing this for about two months and have noticed hair growing in more in the crown area. Let me add that the person I live with has a worse case of hair loss than I do where she's been wearing a wig for the past 30 yrs. Her hair takes forever to grow (even in summertime). Well, she started taking the above mentioned pills also and her hair is growing really fast. I definately see a difference.

I have a feeling a lot of it has to do with vitamin deficiency.

I found this Dr. online in NYC (he's not an M.D. though)who has made his living studying why people lose their hair and treats them accordingly. I'm desperate and am thinking of going to him since every dermatologist I've every been to looked at my head and said, "yep, you have A.A." without even sending me for tests.

This man looks at your bloodwork and does hair analysis, etc. When I questioned his office and told them what the Drs. have told me their response was that the Drs. don't know what to look for. He even treats people who don't live in NY. They claim he's had a lot of success with people where the Drs. couldn't help them.

If anyone is interested, his name is David H. Kingsley. Just google him and you'll find his website.

I hope this helps and lots of luck to everyone.

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In the meantime, I've found that using a colored product callled Great Hair Day covers your scalp very well in those very noticeable spots. It looks like eye shadow and comes in blonde, brunette or salt/pepper and comes with an application brush. Better than eyeshadow, stays put and is instant confidence! I just got it this week, and have also found other similar products. Just google "powder hair thinning" and they all come up.

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