Possible Asbestos from pulling up floor!

phrozenphoenixAugust 6, 2011

Ok so I tore the carpet out of the house (built in 1970) I just bought and discovered vinyl tiles underneath which I then proceeded to pull up, not thinking anything of it. After getting it all up, I was told it could possibly contain asbestos as old as it was.

Now I'm freaked about going back in the house. Doing a lot of research on asbestos tiles afterwards, I'm almost positive it's in these tiles and/or glue. The good thing was the tiles came up pretty well. I tore a number of them that were stuck really good that I broke into pieces but I didn't sand or anything like that...

I wanna put down hard wood flooring... But I'm scared it's gonna stay in there. What should I do? I tried looking up on google but usually, their answers are for BEFORE you do something like this. Not after you realize it when it's all done. What would you do in this situation? I'm already feakin out that I'm gonna die before I even pay the house off (30 year loan.. about the time it takes for you to know if you're sick. So I can pay the house off and die, weee).

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If it were my house, I'd call a local asbestos abatement company to come in and test what remains. You might not have anything to worry about, but if it's there, they can best advise you on how to proceed.

For what it's worth, I wouldn't be concerned about asbestos underneath a new floor. It's what is released when the material is disturbed that is the problem, from what I understand.

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Go forth and sin no more. Chipping up asbestos tile is no big deal. Just cut them out, chip 'em up and bag them. The ONLY time it is an issue is if you grind them up into "fragible" parts where they are released into the atmosphere as dust. Even then, the only problem is (apparently) workers that have done the "grinding" for YEARS. Trust this; You're good to go.

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The people who get cancer from asbestos are:

1 - Heavy smokers
2 - Have extremely high exposure to air-borne asbestos for a period of several years.

This means shipyard or construction workers spraying it onto surfaces, miners, processors and the workers who remove the "friable" (crumbling) stuff from around old beams and boilers.

I've ripped out several vinyl tile floors and even scraped popcorn off ceilings ... and my lungs are fine.

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