Anything new in toenail fungus treatment?

socksJune 5, 2007

Is there anything new in toenail fungus treatment? I've tried Penlac, tee tree oil and Vicks, using each for a long time. No help.

I was wondering if there is anything new to try, any new products on the market.

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My DH puts vicks on his big toenail every evening, with a bandaid covering it, says it's almost healed up.

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I got rid of mine with the use of vinager. Soak your feet/toes for about 15 minutes 2x a week for about 2 months(just to be safe). Just like the expensive drugs, you will see improvement in several months. The nail that is infected is already destroyed. Nothing can change the appearance of that nail. Your nails take a while to grow and that is why takes so long. About once a month i still soak my toes to keep infections away. Good luck!

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Straight vinegar, white vinegar?

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The main thing with ANY treatment is to do it until ALL the old diseased toenail has grown out and is replaced with good healty nail. This can take months!!!!

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White Vinegar.

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I used old-fashioned iodine-- once a day on the affected toe making sure to let it get up under the edges. The nail is now completely grown out and healthy. I tried all the other treatments, but generally I'd forget and have poor results. Its hard to forget with that orange toe staring back at you everytime you look at your feet :)

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Anyone try Tineacide Antifungal Ceam that my client's podiatrist told him would cure his foot fungus in three months if used every day. He gave me a bottle to try for mine (we are friends also) but I hate to waste my time if I should be trying the Vinegar instead or paying the $1,000 for the Lamisol.

free_at_last, how many months did it take for the Iodine to work and how many toes of yours was affected?

Only my big toe had the fungus for years and now it is spreading around to my other toes.

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Both my husband and I had an infected toenail years ago. What we did to clear them up was soak in hot (as hot as you can stand without burning you) water. I think we only had to do it once, though it might have been a couple of times that week.

Doesn't hurt to try this.

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Had to laugh when I saw this topic. My daughter had a fungus infection for years and years. We tried everything to clear it up. Daughter had her toenail removed 2 x and still no luck clearing it up.
Recently she was deployed to Iraq.. She sent me an email the other day saying she lost her fungus toe in Iraq. I thought I would die laughing. Of all the good things to come out of this. She said it is drying up and growing in beautifully and will be very happy when she can come home and wear a high heel sandal for her first night home and out to dinner.

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How odd!

I'm thinking good thoughts about your daughter. Hope she will bring those beautiful toenails home safe and sound!

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Maybe the 140 plus heat burnt the fungus off!LOL!

Please thank your daughter for her service. I'll also pray for her safe return.

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I have been getting my nails done since I was thirteen years old and about six months ago a fungus showed up on two of my finger nails. I tried everything to get rid of it. I heard about a supplement on Doug KauffmanÂs show called Caprylic Acid at . I purchased this anti-fungal supplement and after a few weeks the yellow look in my nails was gone. My nails are now clear of fungus and look healthier then they ever have.

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My doctor removed the fungal toenail...twice. The one I have now is just THICK and slightly bluish. I can handle it. My dad had toenails like l've never seen: they were like chalk-colored wood. My Mom, brothers, and I had to take turn "trimming" them. They bled. It was awful. Don't know if it was inherited or acquired.

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My husband had it and from buying meds and researching there is no cure. Even the meds said they may not work. I will try these suggestion if there is an occasion when I need it. All, except for the Iraq treatment. LOL

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I am 70 years old and I don't ever remember having toe nails without the fungus...I have tried everything and I mean everything and just gave up...Last year, I had what looked like athletes feet, redness on the bottom of my feet and was starting to come up the sides...My foot doctor prescribed 1 month of Lamisol and it took care of the rash and the fungus. It's gone, completely gone...I still can't believe it....

I do remember years ago when we had our swimming pool, I'd sit with my feet in the pool and it seemed that the clorine helped it...I guess bleach would do the same....
But the Lamisol cleared up mine, thank goodness...Bring on the sandals....

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I'm sure no one would believe this, but I was using Joan Rivers foot cream to soften up callouses before the summer. I had one toenail with a fungus infection for 3 years. I tried everything, nothing worked. I bought this foot cream because I read good reviews regarding callouses and tried it. By August I noticed my toenail was growing in white and healthy. I didn't use the cream for my toenail, but would rub it all over my feet.

I had nice soft feet for sandals and my toenail grew back normal. The cream contains glycolic acid to exfoliate your skin. My guess is somehow it killed the fungus.


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Go to Google and look up clorox for medical purpose.You will find some good simple stuff there.Years ago they used to print it right on the bottle because I can remember using it to clear up my daughters infantago.Did I spell it right?

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I went to the podiatrist, got the pills and took them for many months. All cured. You have to monitor your liver functions while taking the meds and no alcohol.

I have seen laser treatments advertised - no idea if they work or not. Just guessing, but are there different kinds of toenail fungus? That would explain why some of the folk remedies work and some do not.

Oh - the podiatrist said that no matter how clean the manicurist seems, it is pretty much impossible not to transmit toenail fungus, so I do my own pedicures at home now.

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I've noticed at least two types of tonail fungus. Mine does not discolor my toenail, but gets bigger *under* the tonail, forcing it to grow up out of the bed. It seems to respond to the 1% tolnaftate solutions - which causes the mass under the toenail to disintigrate slowly. Again, slowly is the word. Does anyone else know about the different types of fungus? I tried tea tree oil and Vicks without any apparent effect.

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I've had a fungal infection in my two big toes for months, but I wasn't sure what it was because it didn't look like what I thought I fungal infection would be.

I had surgery on my toenails to remove the side of the nail and had no problems until about a year later when the nail starting hurting. I noticed that it looked like the nail was raised about halfway down.

About a week ago I started soaking my toes for 20 minutes, two times a day in a solution of 1/2 warm water and 1/2 apple cider vinegar and they look and feel a lot better. I am going to keep this up for at least a month, and I hope this completely rids my toenails of this infection. But they feel good and look good at this point, so I am hopeful.


Thanks for the info.

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I waited to post this, just to be sure it worked.
I have found a very simple solution.
I am a jet skier, so no surprise that I got the toe nail fungus from wearing black rubber Oneil riding boots.
My large toe nail became very thick, discolored and was growing to an unsightly massive size. I tried lemon juice, even pure bleach, to no avail. It was so bad that I was actually shaving the nails down with an Olfa blade and Exacto, however finally trimmed the nail back as far as I could go with regular clippers to expose that thick soft puffy matter beneath the nail, then began the assault using iodine tincture 2.5% from the drug store and applied it every day for a week. The fungus absorbed it and died/went away. Now my nails are growing in looking normal again. I actually treated two and they are both looking great!
So I'm maintaining those two nails just to be sure it doesn't come back.

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Thanks, Peter. I'll try tincture of iodine. But really how can you tell if it's gone until the nail grows out which can take months?

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Well the nail is growing in, less the heap that was under it before. And I'm not sure how long for nails to grow back fully, but near ripped the one off completely on my pinky toe not long ago and it has filled in already.
I wish I had of taken a picture of the big toe as it was quite ugly at one point and getting to be a darker brown.I was actually trying to keep it covered with the other foot when at the beach, but not now. And as I said, I am continuing the iodine throughout and as it grows. And it seems to penetrate/absorb better when the area is fully dried. Therefore doing it right after a shower or swimming may not be effective at all due to the water dilution.
I was treating the two toes 4 or 5 times a day in the first days as I was quite determined and fed up.
I also noticed a bit of a void where that fluffy pulpy stuff was before. So I know for fact it has gone as it's just not there now. Nothing I have tried before worked so efficiently, not even the pure bleach. Again, I will continue treating as it grows in as a preventative measure.
P.S., not a regular here and just check in on occasion, however if you need more info, just ask and I'll try to be more helpful.
Cheers :)

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I know this post is old, but, I do hope someone will read it.
I have experienced toe fungus for years. It was so bad, my toe nails would come off. I used one prescription of lamisil and they got some better. My Dr. advised me to not use it again b/c of health issues. I started using olive leaf capsules for yeast infection. My toe nails have grown back beautiful. I do continue to take one per day. I get mine at Wal-mart in the pharmacy section.

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I was fighting a systemic candida infection and finally turned to diet and natural treatments. In addition to finally getting relief from candida, my toenails started growing in healthy instead of thick and yellow in just a couple of weeks.

What finally worked?
I started taking Capryl orally twice a day and cut out sugars, white flour, rice, pasta, beer and foods containing yeast -- basically following a low carb diet such as those recommended by sports nutrition gurus, nothing extreme. Although anti-fungal diet articles I have read recommend to avoid sweeteners such as sorbitol, cheeses, and alcohol, I found sweeteners such as sorbitol, erythritol, and stevia as well as cheeses and an occasional glass of wine or mixed drink (without sugar) were fine.
This is the only thing that worked for me and was surprisingly easy and inexpensive after wasting time with OTCs and prescriptions that didn't work for both fungus problems.

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I am finally 99% free of toenail fungus that has bothered me for about 6 yrs. I've used so many drops and liquids, some from the podiatrist, others from the drugstore, vicks, vinegar, you name it.

Guess what works? Oil of Oregano liquid from the health food store. Its about $25 or so, but a bottle lasts for months. Its a dropper bottle and I apply after drying my nails.

If you have a toenail fungus, you can be assured you have it systemically (throughout your body) as well. Overload of sugar will feed it. You can also take the Oil of Oregano capsules to speed up the process. You need to take care of your body from the inside/out. Took me a long time to figure this out.

I will be wearing sandals this winter showing off my healthy toenails! brrrrr

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I have had an excellent outcome, rather unexpectedly, regarding toenail fungus. I have a farm and often have to wear rubber boots. That's when the problem started. I, too, tried everything.

Then I got leather boots and thick cotton socks, and within 6 months it's almost gone. My feet sweat, there's no getting around it, but they were in rubber or plastic, nonbreathable shoes. They are in a natural, breathable shoe now, and it's very different. The boots are extremely comfortable. And good shoemakerrs will tell you, never wear a pair of shoes two days in a row, so they can dry out. It makes all the difference.

I think it's the vinyl, rubber, plastic shoes, along with synthetic socks, including women's nylons that are causing the problem for most people. Our feet can't breathe.

The trick about getting leather boots, shoes and sandals to fit you correctly is to wear them, and get them wet, then keep wearing them for a couple of house. It's not too hard to do if you are hiking or working outside. I know, it might seem freaky, but they conform to your foot exactly as they should if they dry on your foot. I do it with every pair of leather shoes and they always becomes my favorites.

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Try eliminating as much sugar that feeds this fungus as possible. NO SUGAR and I mean NO SUGAR. Use organic stevia instead. NO white bread made from wheat/rye/barley/oats. NO WHITE RICE. For these are fungus feeding sugars in your body causing alot of inflammation! Until you get your diet under control, it will keep happening. It may even get worse.

Look up know the cause with doug kaufmann and do the phase one/two diets for awhile. use tea tree oils.

he has documented proof and he shares it, that fungus may be the very beginning of most of the cancers out there. Antibiotics is made from fungus and they link breast cancer to the over use of antibiotics. They will NOT come right out and say fungus is a cause of cancer, for it will mean the loss of billions of dollars and jobs in the cancer industry that our country thrives on.

Clean all the fungus/yeast out of your system. It takes a long time. My daughter and I are on YEAR TWO to get the yeast and fungus out. Our toenails look amazing! *no more shop pedicures/manicures ever, too!!

I love my new healthy. You will too.

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I've tried several treatments already for my persistent toenail fungus. The top half of my big toe looks completely white, as if a line was drawn midway across the toenail. The lower half is pink, like the other toes. I started the "sangria" (white wine + citrus juice) soak 2 days ago, but after reading more here about fungus treatments and diet, I wonder if the sugar in the wine would feed the fungus at the same time the alcohol is drying it out. Wouldn't it be better to combine some cheap liquor/booze with a high alcohol content with the lemon/lime juice instead of using wine? (Does cheap liquor even exist?)

I also had a thought about the person whose toenail fungus went away when she was in Iraq. The hot, very dry conditions in Iraq must have killed the fungus. Could a similar environment for my toe be replicated at home? The weather here in GA gets very hot in summer, well up in the 90s or over 100 F. If I put a basin of sand outside in the sun to get very hot, then hide my foot in the sand for 15-20 minutes twice a day, would my toe fungus dry out and die? Hmm...

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I have found that treatment alone does not prevent recurrence, and ongoing use of a shoe sterilizer (such as SteriShoe UV shoe sanitizer) is more effective at staying free from fungus long-term. Without it, I wind up getting reinfected sooner or later.

Here is a link that might be useful: SteriShoe

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