Waterlox/Stain Recipe for White Oak

kaibAugust 22, 2010

We made a great deal on unfinished white oak flooring.

Does anybody have experience, or a suggestion for a stain (mixed with the first Waterlox application) which would give the white oak the slightly burnished darker feeling of a lightly stained red oak floor with Waterlox finish?

Thanks, K

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We had red oak floors that I refinished. I used Waterlox and Minwax English Chestnut with a 4:1 mix ratio.



1 coat waterlox sealer/finish, 2 coats satin finish

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Just wonderful!

Its actually your posts and that floor which drive me to do the job. Thanks for the inspriation.

I've thought your stain choice with a smidgeon of a reddish (like mahogany) might just do the job.

As soon as the flooring arrives, I'll give it a try.

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Sounds like its gonna turn out very nice. Make sure you post some photos when you're done. I would love to see it.

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This is exactly what I intend to do, using 3/4 by 2 1/4 #1 grade, and I am thinking of a mixture of red and white oak. Anyone got suggestions on where to get the best quality wood (I am in Pacific Northwest). The price for unfinished is good at Lumber Liquidators, but is anyone familiar with the quality of their product.

Also, any tips on preparing and sanding the floor would be appreciated. I am doing about 1000 Sq Ft in 4 rooms (all the floors are connected) - how long should it take me for sanding/finishing, and allowing time for the finish to dry - I will use Waterlox and Minwax English Chestnut just like duden72.

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Just a suggestion for buying your hardwood; asking a floor installer or contractor on where to buy is the best way to go,IMO, because quality is hard to measure from L.L. Dh and I have never installed ourselves but have had good service through contractors and flooring installers; both of which we found by word of mouth on how good and honest they were. Plus, red and white oak is usually found at a great price just because it is an all around common wood. We have a #2 common white oak which has lots of knots and variations in color. We have about 1400 sq.ft. of it through out the house.
Good luck on your project!

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I agree with twotogo, asking a contractor or a floor installer would be the best way to go. They might even be able to point you towards a wholesaler.

Our floors were roughly 700 sf, and it took me two solid days of sanding. Staring with 36 grit, then 60, 80 and a final sanding at 100 with cleaning and vacuuming in between. Theres nothing easy or quick about it.

Using the Waterlox, i waited 48 hours in between coats.

The biggest thing I would pass along would be cleaning. Its so easy to get dust particles, hair, fuzzies, anything and everything in the finish. The dust from the sanding gets everywhere. Ceiling, walls, sills. Vacuum and wipe. Before and in between each coat.

Good luck on your project

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