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vja4himJune 11, 2010

My son has a serious case of ADHD. I'm wondering if anyone has a child with ADHD and an IEP? I've been reading through the Special Education Laws, and it seems like it could go either way ....

We will begin testing soon. Have a meeting scheduled for August 19th with the school to begin evaluation for an IEP.

At the last meeting, June 2nd, 2010, they tried to talk me out of having my son evaluated. The Resource Specialist told me that my son's existing 504 Plan is a very powerful tool, and looks really good.

Then he removed 12 items from my son's existing 504 Plan. Says that he wants to experiment and see what works.

As a result of the school not following my son's 504 Plan, and not providing the necessary assistance and accommodations to help my son succeed in school, my son failed 7th grade, which is totally unacceptable ... !!!

I've heard that a 504 Plan is difficult to enforce .... Is that true? Many people say that an IEP is much better, but what if we can't get an IEP, and have to stick with the 504 Plan?

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I am posting as a retired teacher. 504 plans and IEP's were just coming into schools a few years before I retired. We were told that we should try to avoid having to do 504 plan for any student as they were nearly impossible for a teacher to implement in a regular classroom. I ended up with a student having one. I was to do many things to help this child (a kindergartener) feel successful in school. For example, I was to reward this child when he sat still/or was involved in what we were doing, even if it meant every 30 seconds since his attention span was extremely short (documented as less than a minute). I verbally also had to comment to him that he was making a good choice and hand him an M&M or Skittle. I was also told to let him have "running" time outside every half hour or so, so that he could come back in and focus. Of course, I had to do both of these things while teaching the other 20+ kids in my class. Explain to them why they didn't get a piece of candy or running time when they were making good choices for a lot longer! There were many other things that I had to do as far as individual modifications, accomodations for his work as well.

IEP's are much more practical and I believe more doable and enforceable as far as making sure the student is taught in the correct class setting and with available resource help. I am not sure if it is the same in every state but if your child is an ESE student then it is the law that he/she has an IEP. If your school district won't test him then you can have it done privately and they will have to abide with the findings. Be aware though, that IF the label ESE is placed on your child, it is difficult to have it removed and careers such as military may be hard for him to get into. At least that is the way it was in the past.

Good luck. I am sure you only want the best education for your child. You have the right to seek the help he needs. It seems that 7th grade is a little late for the school to be wanting to test him, usually by 2nd or 3rd the teachers are mentioning what they observe to the parents. I know we were not allowed to say that we thought a child might be ADHD or ADD but we could tell what we observe to the parents. Usually after a couple years and more than one teacher documenting the problem areas, a referral would be made. Then it might take another year or so for the testing to be done. It is a long process and you have to be willing to jump through the hoops to get it done.

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My son has had a 504 Plan since October, 2008 (6th grade). His 6th grade teacher was awesome, and went out of his way to implement the necessary strategies and accommodations.

I've been working in education for about 21 years, and I know what you are talking about .... It can be difficult at times to try and deal with certain students. If the student(s) is too out of control, then perhaps they should be a Special Education or Resource class, or have their own paraprofessional.

I won't work in kindergarten classes anymore because it is much too stressful. I have serious health problems, including high blood pressure, bad back and bad feet.

Every once-in-awhile I'll get an assignment that will say Special Ed General, and end up being severely handicapped, or a classroom full of autistic kids, some who are very out-of-control! I am amazed at how a teacher can stay in some of those classrooms for an entire school year ... !!! Even with three or four aids, and only eight or nine children in the classroom, it can be very challenging ...

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